Year 3, Summer 2, Week 4

Last week, I said that this week would be back to normal but of course we had Sports Day in the middle of it – no such thing as a normal week! However, we have done some work!

In maths, we have continued working on time, looking at intervals and complements to 60 so, for example, if it’s 12 minutes past 5, how many minutes is it until the next hour?  The children have found time quite difficult so please do practise this at home.

Our English continues to be based on recounts and newspaper articles.  This week the children have been practising subordinate clauses to add more information and summarising a Greek myth, using time adverbs to sequence events.

We had a fun, sunny day on Wednesday for our Sports Day.  The children had a fantastic morning participating and their behaviour was excellent.  In the afternoon, some children were out representing our school at District Sports. Well done to all of them – they did a fantastic job.  Those of us left behind had a lovely time creating gods and goddesses for display.  The children worked in teams, drawing around each other before painting the figures to look like their chosen god or goddess.  I’m sure they will look amazing on our wall when they’re finished.

Lastly, well done and thank you to all the children who have recently joined the choir.  They’ve almost doubled the size of the choir and, in the short time they’ve been members, have worked hard to learn words and music so that they could sing with us at the Art Exhibition and yesterday’s Mass.  The singing was excellent at both so I can expect great things of the choir next year!


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