Week 2

What a fun packed week we have had!

English: We have had a big push on phonics this week in preparation for the phonics test. The children excelled themselves and I was very proud of them as I think you will be. Results will be shared with parents when the reports are given out.

Maths: We have been looking at different ways we could measure things and how long is a cm and metre. We have been measuring lots of objects in the classroom.

History: We are learning about Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals  for the better.

R.E: We learnt about the story of Jesus and Levi and how Jesus taught Levi how to be sorry for all the wrong things he had done.

ASPIRATIONS DAY: What a fun day we have had today! We were lucky to have parents come and tell us about their jobs. We had an business man, a London Tube worker, a NHS employee, a Police woman, Father John and a Drama teacher. Thank you again.

Enjoy your weekend

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