Summer 2 week 3

Aspirations week.

We thought about what we may like to do when we grow up, we then thought about how we may get there and what we could do to help us achieve our goal. We then discussed the characteristics of people in those jobs. We then wrote a page about what we want to be when we grow up. The children produced some fab writing- well done. As part of aspiration week, we had some special guests come in and tell us all about their jobs and their life experiences. These people were superb and taught us lots about different jobs and more importantly, life skills.

We finished any art projects which will be coming to an art gallery near you asap, and may I say you are in for a TREAT, their art work was, if I may say so in my non-biased opinion, they are phenomenal. We also created Father’s day cards, which I hope produced a smile.

We have been practising Oliver and we had our first stage practice 🙂 which went well.

Victorians-we looked at the difference in the life of a day in 2018 and compared it to a child in the Victorian era.

Science- we looked at light and how different colours effect what we see when mixed with other colours.

We have been using daily TT rockstars to improve our table knowledge. We also looked at algebra and created some wonderful algebra art.

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