Well….what a week!

In English we have been looking at how to create a setting. The children have been writing some really good pieces that have included the 5 senses im order to create a particular atmosphere. We have had some brilliant scary, horror, magical, fantasy, fair land setting descriptions. I can’t wait for thr final prduct next week!

In Maths we have been looking at angles and co-ordinates. The children have mastered the different types of angles as we have used different ways to memorisr them. We thnr went on to plotting and reading co-ordinates.

It has been Islam week this week and we have been looking at what the Qur’an means to Muslims. We have looked at the 99 names of Allah and what they mean in gerneral and to Muslims. We them looked at what calligraphy was and how to use it.

It was Epic History week for the past few days. We have been focusing on Mayan art work and have created our own mask which we will be finishing next week. We,ll also be creating some Mayan artifacts from clay.

Finally, we had a brilliant sleepover at the school on Friday evening…. and i’m sure the parents would agree. It was brillaint to see you all there. The children certianlly enjoyed the evening starting off with a competitive round of rounderwhich the children fair and square won 🙂

We then said goodbye to the parents and  settled in the hall. Mr Gallagher took the children  out and played some silly games and did a reflection in our prayer garden sharing our past experiences of sleep overs. All thid happenin whilst Mrs O’Conor cook.a fab dinner of hotdogs and chips!

Later on in the eveing we went over to our Forest School  where we played differnt games and toasted marshmallows. We completed our evening with a good old film with our teddies and friends. Lights outs where out when the film was over and thr children fell asleep fairly quickly.

Thank you to everyone that participated and made the evening such a success! I hope you all enjoyed the evening…. including the parents. 🙂 

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