Arts Ambassador’s first gig

It may have been a last gig for the Chaplaincy team but it was a first outside engagement for the Arts Ambassadors and a small team of dancers.  This afternoon we went to visit St. Edmund’s Prep School in Hertford Theatre, where they are conducting rehearsals for their end of year production of “Madagascar.”

When we arrived our team of dancers performed two routines for St. Edmund’s to watch.  They did brilliantly in an unfamiliar venue on a proper stage and really showed their skills to advantage.  Excellent preparation and teamwork folks!

Next some of their Arts Ambassadors took us on a back-stage tour of the Theatre.  We even got to go under the stage to see where the “pit” musicians (including Miss Gunn and her flute on occasions) would enter.  It was lovely to see what happens behind the scenes and get a real feel for the venue.

After our tour we were lucky enough to watch some of the rehearsals and see the level of organisation it takes to put on a production which involves all the children in years 3 to 6!  They had some amazing singers and very enjoyable dance numbers.  Our children (and staff) were mesmerised by what they saw and have some great tips for years 5 & 6 for their end-of-year production.

We felt very welcome and would like to express our sincere thanks to the staff and children of St. Edmund’s for allowing us to visit them.  We look forward to continuing this connection in the future.

Our boys and girls behaved beautifully in the Theatre and I was very proud to be associated with them.  Thanks to Mrs. Jess and Miss Axon for escorting our children.  Well done one and all.

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