Arcimboldo’ver’ by art!

In year 5 this week we had year 4 and year 6 invaders during our Art celebrations and they did not disappoint. A fabulous french artiste came to join the event. Look out for him in the photos!

The year 5 children were writing newspaper reports about a perilous event involving a small village, a faulty Lighthouse and a ship heading for disaster.

Re saw us discovering the pain and resilience of the Iraelites and how against the odds, they survived in the Desert with Moses, thanks to the redeeming power of God the Father. They wrote of how, despite the tough conditions, following the rules and commandments will ultimately provide more freedom. God is great.

In year 5, we always try our best but at times we lose our way. It took a lot of effort spto remember how we conduct ourselves and show how to be role models to our new peers. When we find it tough we know we can always talk to God in our Peace garden. He will listen and help us.

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