We did it!!

Not too much going on this week……only just year 6 taking their SATs in their strides.

I am SO proud of year 6 and how focussed they were. I couldn’t be prouder of you all. WELL DONE.

Tuesday and Thursday pre-SATs we were treated to a yoga session to get us in the ‘zone’- here are some snaps on the boys and girls getting their zens on.

The class finally found out (after me deciding the minute I was told I was going into Year 6) that our production is OLIVER! So to celebrate our week, we watched a Oliver DVD alongside popcorn and sweet treats. Auditions will be in the near future so get practising boys and girls.

We were then treated to a fabulous afternoon to celebrate the royal wedding. Year 6 also run an afternoon tea in the garden and did a fabulous job- we will hopefully be continuing these and developing our hospitality, business and money skills further (our first addition being table numbers!). Thank you to all those who visited and an even bigger thank you to the boys and girls who helped.


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