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Thursday 3rd May 2018

Present :

Mrs O’Connor, N/Mrs Mangan , 2/Ms Concannon, R/Mrs Nash, Mrs Corelli, 4/Ms Brennen, 6/Mrs Piazza,  5/Mrs Grasso

Apologies : 3/Mrs Brown , 1/Mrs Vinci 

  1. Class News not consistently posted in Nursery, Reception, Year 5.
  2. Nursery children to Reception – are they wearing uniform or will they have an EYFS uniform? – They will wear uniform.
  3. Does Nursery need two adults out in order for children to go on castle? – No 1 adult is enough.
  4. Consider more adults in N with higher numbers
  5. Could we consider 9-12pm nursery ?- Would this encourage more parents?
  6. Reception workshops are still fantastic and an opportunity to see the teacher/team
  7. Paint on summer dresses – could they be encouraged to wear an apron – could parents provide shirt or apron?
  8. Parent volunteers – if teachers need any for any reason in class or visits could they dojo? – yes and there will be a volunteer list in the entrance to the school office.
  9. Volunteers for trips and events is good but could they be rotated so the same parents don’t go on everything.
  10. Events and themed days are a fantastic opportunity
  11. Arty club – chn disappointed when not chosen considering 90 children could apply – could we continue running so all applied get a chance – yes continue summer 2 with new group and Autumn
  12. Will there be a reception trip? – Yes Rec and year 1 to the zoo – info to follow
  13. Reception assembly is Friday 22nd June
  14. Year 1 chn very happy
  15. Year 1 – homework out on Fridays – should this be the case? – no homework will go out Thursday as policy states
  16. Year 1 spellings – could they be sent home?
  17. Some parents feel that homework shouldn’t be given during holiday time – teachers will consider more active learning type homework’s as family time and exposure to hands on experiences is always more beneficial.
  18. Year very happy with Miss Entwisle
  19. Year 4, 5 and Year 6 booster loved Mr Gorton’s maths teaching
  20. Will year 5 be having a maths booster? – Yes after Half term – Mr Gorton and Mrs O’Dowd will involve Year 5
  21. Bike ability is fantastic – Year 6 was questioned but this is due to timings available and SATs.
  22. Year 5 missing the Royal Wedding – they will have treats on retreat or the week after.
  23. Year 5 retreat excellent opportunity and Year 4 sleepover – thank you!
  24. Uniform – please consider a different summer uniform for upper KS 2 girls due to sizing and very self-conscious with regard to see through uniforms and the possibility of other issues considered – could girls wear yellow polo shirt and a skirt in KS 2? – !e will discuss!!!!
  25. Consider larger sizing in polo shirts and jumpers from our supplier
  26. Class photo Year 6 – will they have another individual picture?
  27. For future Year 6 year books we will need to look at resolution as iPad photos not always useful.
  28. Office staff praised by Year 6 and restructuring working well
  29. Parent pay going well.
  30. Children reading in class – some children read daily but all children will read at least twice a week – this needs to be happening and reading records stamped signed in all classes
  31. Would we consider a communion party in school? – As part of year 3 class mass we had planned on inviting children to wear their communion clothes and they will have refreshments.
  32. Some classes are not out on time – can you ensure that you pack up and allow enogh time – Year 4 and Year 3.
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