A Right Royal Do!

What a truly wonderful ‘Royal Wedding Day’ we are enjoying at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School today thanks to Wedding Planner Extraordinaire…Mrs O’Connor!

Indeed…the ‘real thing’ will have to be absolutely spectacular to match today’s festivities!

This morning saw judging for the ‘best’ bride and groom with the winners being:

Key Stage 1: Alan and Ilaria 

Key Stage 2: Ethan and Sabrina

Well done to both of the ‘happy couples’!

But there were no easy decisions for the panel of judges as you can see from the array of ‘brides’ and ‘grooms’ who dressed up so royally for this extra special occasion!

This afternoon we look forward to the ceremony itself…followed of course by the best street party (well playground actually!) ever…with more bunting than…a very big bunting shop!

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