Misty Mountain Sierra

Sorry about the late post. Power cuts over the weekend.

In English, we have started looking at explanation text and the features that they consist of.  We have looked at different text and highlighted the different features. We also looked at the spelling rule and how to practise this in our work.

In maths we have continued to look at decimals. We have been adding and subtracting them looking at money and how to regroup.

In RE we started looking at our new theme ‘New Life’. We have looked at how good news brings new life and what this means. We all wrote our own stories about someone being sad and miserable and some good news that brought them happiness and made them feel alive.

We also had an exciting Wednesday where we launched our Topic, Misty Mountain Sierra. The children had a scenario. The plane that you were just in had crashed and you’re the only one left. You need to go for help but can only carry 15 things. What do you take?

The children then went to the Forest School and designed their own tents. See attached photos.

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