Nursery News 16/3/18

What a busy week it has been this week as we hurtle towards the Easter holidays! We  celebrated World Book Day on Monday and I finally managed to get a whole class photo! What better day then when they were all dressed up as their favourite story book characters!

Our book this week was ‘Wanda’s Space Party’ by Sue Hendra. We looked at the beginning, middle and end of the story and learnt that this is a feature of every book we read. When you are reading at home please do discuss story structure to reinforce the idea of a beginning, middle and end.

We wrote invitations to Wanda’s party and made birthday cards for her too. We had lots of fun making mud paint to use in the outside area to make lots of lovely artwork. The children also enjoyed making models using various boxes and exploring the moon dough in the messy play area. We have been practising writing our names and reinforcing pen grip so please do practise this at home. 

Our letter for next week’s phonic activities will be ‘P’.

I discovered some new fancy dress costumes in my cupboard, which is more like a wardrobe entrance to Narnia (I’m always discovering new things in there!), so we had lots of fun dressing up and role playing with our new outfits! If you have any old fancy dress costumes that your children no longer use we would love to have them in Nursery. In fact, any toys that you are getting rid of would be gratefully received in Nursery. If you’re thinking of having a Spring clean please do keep us in mind! Thanks in advance!

As you may have read on the Class Dojo messages app, Nursery will be joining the rest of the school and going to St Joseph’s church for a special St Joseph’s Day mass. We have 6 volunteers but would love to have another 4 at least. If you are available, please let us know during drop off on Monday morning. We will be leaving about 9.15am as it will take us a while to walk to church(it does take time for those little legs!) ready for mass at 10am. Thanks to those parents that have already volunteered!

Before I sign off, I would just like to take a moment to say that it was wonderful to speak to all of you yesterday at Parents’ Evening. It such a great opportunity for us to discuss and share the amazing progress your children have all made. We are very proud of how well each and every one of them are doing in Nursery and it was lovely to celebrate that with you yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to another great week!

Mrs Carpineta and Mrs Gilliam.



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