Latest meeting – Spring 2

Thursday 15th March 2018

All parent voice representatives were sent a parent mail message to explain that I would be available during the afternoon and evening of parent consultations. I spoke with 4 parents ,this was very positive and I think this could be a way of moving forward to a more successful parent voice forum , a table on the playground each half term so parents can share. Thank you!

• Swimming – in colder months could parents have shelter when children are back so late – yes parents are welcome to come into the hall.
• Reception parents feel that there is now a lack of communication in the morning now that the children don’t come in through the yellow gate even though class dojo works really well – children do need to be independent and if you need to communicate urgently and you haven’t dojod then the office will pass a message on.This isn’t always the time to be discussing anything anyway as the priority of the adult on the gate is to welcome and safe guard the children.
• Mrs Nicolini at the mushrooms has reassured many parents , thank you!
• Stay & play has been fantastic – lovely to see how everything is and to support.
• The change of staff has been very positive ,especially when last time it was questioned – Mrs Butler is great.
• Reading books seem a little dated – could we consider other schemes eg, read write ink. – we will discuss at SLT and inform in due course.
• Year 2 children leaving later than 3.15pm

Update from last meeting
1. Year 6 mid year data went out

2. Could a child with packed lunch opt in for a dessert? – this is not feesable but chn with a packed lunch can bring a little biscuits or cake as long as it isn’t chocolate.(More information to follow on this)

3. Music lessons – are they available for younger chn? Could we look into and the possibility of evening classes eg,Piano after school – there is a possibility of this,if parents are interested in music lessons then they can add their interest to the list in the office and Ms Gunn will respond with details. If parents are interested in piano lessons then this is an option which Ms Gunn has looked into in recent weeks but it is only feasible with number and interested contacts so once again add your name to the list in the office and you will be contacted.
4. Music lessons – if a child is taking up an instrument , could they have a taster term before purchasing the instrument as so expensive if then not pursued – a taster term isn’t appropriate but we do have details of instruments for hire with a more manageable cost than buying – – £10 month flute hire , £7 month violin hire.
5. Y6 TA who is it? Miss Axon is now back and Mrs Harris continues to work 3 days. Mrs Saha also team teaches and supports groups on a Tuesday & Wednesday.
6. Cycling proficiency – this will start in the summer term for years 4 and 5 – information to follow
7. Play time equipment – playground pals have been trained from year 4 along with two TAs.Mr Gorton will be launching this after Easter.
8. If hard copies of attendance letters can be given why can’t hard copies of trip or other letters be given? Why couldn’t attendance letters be sent via parent mail?- As you can imagine there were a lot of these to send and to complete individually would take longer – it was just about managing time.
9. School dinners – can packed lunch chn just change to school dinners by getting a band? – no
10. Photos on class news – year 4 there have been none since September – there are now photos weekly
11. Last Friday of the month – parents to attend celebration assembly
12. Calendar wrong on the website – we continue to update if you notice anything please let the office Know
13. Lexia – adult to be present at all times from 8.30am – Mrs Jess
14. Maths booster in year 5 when are they starting as some have?- Mr Gallagher has been asked to arrange
15. Year 5 trip – send details of summer trip – details sent – meeting 1 held – meeting 2 planned
16. Year 1 and Rec to go on summer trip – zoo will be booked
17. Spaces in year 5 – will they be filled? – yes

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