Happy Mother’s Day…In Advance!!

This afternoon, our mums (and aunties, grandmas other relations too!) were treated to a spot of pampering  in the form of a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea…and what a wonderful treat it was!

As well as a vast array of delicious cakes and scones to indulge in (you are allowed a day off Lent for Mother’s Day…or two in this case!), there was much more besides…including a special Mother’s Day Raffle!

Many thanks to all concerned for making it such a lovely afternoon, including the School Choir who performed a variety of songs beautifully!

As well as this, all of the boys and girls presented their mums with flowers for Mother’s Day as they left school this afternoon….and I’m sure there will be lots of other treats to come this weekend!

Remember to look after mum this weekend boys and girls…as always, of course!

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