Year 5 light the way to their mission

In class this week we had been learning about the persuasiveness of adverts and what makes them so appealing. The children inherited a 14th Century Apothecary and were trying to sell their goods, some were more convincing than others.

In our science lesson we explored the properties of wood and investigated it’s uses. The resident expert came to lend her knowledge and challenge our thinking (photos to follow).

During maths we began with converting measurements of length; km – m and m -mm. Do you know how many cm is the Eiffel Tower?

Speaking of Eiffel Tower, we finished our french topic of Le Temps this week, so we can finally say au revoir to the mauvais January Weather! We also say goodbye to healthy eating week, however we will try and to stay healthy always, especially after cooking with our honourary head chef O’Connor.

On Thursday we delivered our year 5 class mass which had a fantastic turn out from parents and family members attending. We hope they all went away from it realising the importance of having a mission in life and where to look if you need some inspiration.

Looking forward to our final week of this short term, may the hard working attitude of the pupils continue.

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