And we are now half way through the year….

I cannot believe, we have already reached the halfway mark! Time is whizzing by.

This week has been assessment week, so we have been diving in to past SATs papers, the children have shown great resilience and kept going. They really are working their socks off.

As well as tests, we did try to squeeze in a bit of fun!

RE- we started our new topic- UNITY

English- we finished our Shackleton biographies and sharing them with our class friends and they sound so professional, the children have really ploughed into the polar learning and the work they are producing is the evidence. What can they tell you about Shackleton’s life?

Science- we learned about natural section and how things change and evolve over time depending on where they live and how their habitat may change. We learnt that fossils show this and we looked at fossils of pre-historic turbots and compared them to the modern day fish. We then made ‘bread and sweet’ fossils to learn how a fossil is formed.

Forest school- we missed our buddies a bit, so we decided to team up with them and make bird seed feeders for our winged friends in our forest school. It also gave us time to explore the school alongside our buddies.

We also were visited by Four Swannes, where we had a talk about lorry safety and got to see a new state of the art truck!

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