And so the Legend goes: ‘Whosoever pulleth out this sword will be crowned right-wise king or queen of Year Five’.


The traditional tale starts with mindfulness. Over the past two weeks in school, the children have taken ownership and are now delivering the mindful minute to each other. They have really engaged with this and We’re going to have to start compiling them into a book!

Our quest to establish our Legend took an interesting turn when we joined together in some acting and drama. The children were washing machines, horses and speedy turtles.

In the land of topic, we tried ‘walking and talking’, where the children gathered information around medievil England. We found out about the medicine, games they played, religion, knights, towns and villages. Please ask your child for facts!

To finalise our  RE topic we invited our marvellous parish priest, Father John, to school. We wanted to ask him about his mission; why he wanted to be priest and what inspires him! Asking all the deep questions, that he answered in a meaningful way.

In English this week, we started and finished our traditional tales based around the Legend of King Arthur. There were lots of sword fights and numerous horses, although we know in Year 5 the pen is mightier than the sword.

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