Week 4

This week was healthy eating week. Year 1 were treated to a talk from premier sports who spoke about the importance of exercise and keeping healthy. They showed us what an healthy plate should look like. The children then decided they wanted to make their own healthy eating posters.  In science the children made their own fruit salad. They cut up their own fruit and mixed it together. They had great fun making and eating it.

English: We have been using our senses and learning new and exciting vocabulary which will help us with next weeks diary writing. We had to think of all the things we would see, smell, touch, taste and hear if we were in the Great Fire of London.

Maths: We have been measuring and weighing lots of objects in our classroom. We have been estimating and comparing objects too.

History: We looked at what London looked like in 1666 and what it looks like now. How transport, clothes and houses have also changed over time.

R.E: We are still on our Special People topic and we had the delight of Father John popping in and answering all the questions the children had prepared to ask him about himself and all the people that help the church.

Finally today we went to mass and were lucky enough to participate in the end of Christmas mass where we led the procession from the back of the church to the front. The Parishioners followed the children to their places. It was a beautiful service and the children were amazing.

Have a great weekend.


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