Healthy eating week

RE- this week we continued to look at the New Testament by looking at Paul and his letters. We looked at various letter written by Paul and the reason why he wrote them. We then read a section of Revelation in the bible. We saw the importance and power of written words and letters and decided to write letters to our God.

English- we have begun our biography unit by researching, reading and looking at Shackleton. We then learnt about passive and active voice and the difference between the two and why we might use passive verb sentences in our biography.  We also wrote introductions for our biography, we discussed telling snippets of his life to engage the reader but not telling too much. I was extremely proud of their work. Here are some examples:

Maths- we have mostly been looking at area. Something we have found particularly difficult- especially finding missing lengths, we will keep drip feeding this skill and regularly practising.

Topic- we looked at longitude and latitude, the tropics and the Equator, it turned into a bit of a space science topic but the children were so engaged an intrigued how could I say no? After, we looked at maps: modern and  Shackleton’s and compared them, we then looked at his journey and where he had planned to go.

Science- we continued to look at inheritance and evolution, this week looking at selective breeding and cross breeding in the form of cross bred dogs. We picked our own cross breeds, and then looked at the features/characteristics inherited from each parent.

Healthy eating week was this week we looked at the sugar advert; what did it actually mean? We also had a bit of healthy fun by getting the wall bars/hall gym out. It was a firm favourite and we will definitely be getting them out again soon.

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