Year 4 Class News Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back and a very Happy New year.
It started in a way I don’t think the children expected with me and not Miss Entwisle at the door but hopefully it hasn’t been too bad. For me it has been fantastic, a very enjoyable week,so thank you year 4for making my week a happy one.
Hopefully Miss Entwisle will be back on Monday and feeling much better.There was more change with Mrs Smith as our new year 4 TA but that has worked out incredibly well with the children deciding today in Golden time to make her a welcome card ,so ,so far so good 😉

Apart from all that what else have we done? Well, our new topics have been started in both RE (Community) and topic (Blue Abyss).We have painted some beautiful works of art for the wall and written all about our holidays in best handwriting and awarded hand writer of the week. Awards all round with Luca as Writer of the week , Angel as handwriter of the week and Evie and Juliette stars of the week. Well done everyone as you have not only worked hard but been a delight to teach.

More work next week and therefore much more for Miss Entwisle to write about and add photos about. Hopefully you will be back on class dojo next week even though this week most had over 16 when we expected only 15.

Have a lovely weekend everyone (and a Happy Birthday Evie)! See you Monday .
Mrs O’Connor

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