Well done Year 1

How can I not start with the assembly.  I’m so proud of your children. They hardly had anytime to practise and they did an amazing job. They are so little but they were able to take on such an important theme. Well done again.

English- we have begun looking at personal views of people that lived through the events of the great fire of London. We will eventually be writing a diary entry ourselves as a person that witnessed the fire.

Maths – we have been looking at length and weight this week. Finding thing that are heavier and lighter, longer and shorter.

R.E – we have continued with our topic special people. We learnt who our special people in the local parish were. We wrote questions that we would like to ask Father John and an altar server when they pop in next week.

Science – we have been looking at and labelling areas of our bodies.

Have a great weekend

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