Travelling back to a time of death, disease and darkness;Year 5’s launch their new topic.

In our topic launch there was a time travelling Plague Doctor, who came to visit us! I happened to miss it but when I returned the children did a marvellous job telling me about  him.

We had a chance to smell and taste fresh and dried mint, clove, sage and lavender. These were found im the beak. Some things were not to everyone’s tastes, but we all had a try.

In English, this week we travelled ourselves back to the 14th century to write from the perspective of a forest ranger trying to survive The Black Death.

In RE this week, we’ve been beginning our journey of ‘Mission’. We kicked it off by exploring how to show love to ‘the poor’, not just poor of wealth but of spirit and heart.

In year 5 we are proud of our work this week, what a tremendous start to the new year.

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