Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye.

This week we went our on trip to the Scott Polar Museum, which is part of Cambridge university and used as a research centre. Our guide, Naomi, was fantastic. She was so knowledgeable and taught us so many facts including about guano- penguin poo!! We learnt that because penguins eat krill (a type of shrimp) it stains their guano pink and therefore researchers can track penguin colonies using satellites and drones- bet you didn’t know that. There were also some wonderful artefacts from polar expeditions including a famous snow knife that saved a group of men from death!

English- we finished our unit on 23 degrees 5 minutes by writing a diary entry written by Babbage on the day he found Orit in the North Pole. We then looked at the subjunctive form- it is language that expresses a wish, dream, desire, or to show in a formal manner advice, requests etc. We listened to songs and found out that even though Beyoncé can use the form correctly in her song- ‘if I were a boy’, Justin Bieber can’t- ‘if I was your boyfriend’. We were disgusted so wrote him letters to convey this. We the wrote letters using our nee understanding of the subjunctive to an explorer, Ernest Shackleton, asking him to pick us to take him on his expedition.

Maths- we have been looking at division and interpreting remainders- do we need to include them in our answers or not?

RE- we continued to look at the bible, recapping the Old Testament and starting to look at the New Testament and the Gospels. We were also lead by Thomas F and Shay in our class reflection. They shared a wonderful message about being yourself- thanks boys.

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