St. Joseph’s Has Talent 7…Or Is It 8…Or 9?!

We have so much talent at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School that I’ve lost count of how many Talent Shows we’ve enjoyed in the last few years…answers on a postcard, please! 

For today’s Talent Show there were nearly 30 acts in total…the largest number ever!

Of course, with all such ‘competitions’ there can only be one ‘winner’…and a couple of runners-up!

The final ‘placings’ were as follows:

3rd – Jan (Year 4)

2nd – Fran (Year 6)

And the overall winners were…from Year 5…


Congratulations to our winners…and to all of those people who auditioned/took part in today’s show…you are all winners simply for having a go!

Many thanks to Mrs O’Connor for organising this wonderful event once more and to all of those children who helped make it run so smoothly!

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