Nursery News 15/12/17

Can you believe it is our penultimate week and that Christmas is literally around the corner! With that in mind we have definitely had a very festive week this week. What a fantastic start to the week with a ‘snow day’ on Monday. I hope you all had lots of fun with your little ones in the snow. The children and I had been wishing for snow before it came so obviously wishes do come true! We know that for most of them, if not all, this was their first experience of snow. We would love to see some pictures of the children in the snow that they could share with us. We really want to encourage the children to talk about their experiences and what they do at home, so a picture in the snow or during the Christmas holidays would be amazing. Something to think about for when we return in January!

This week was such an eventful one. We had our fantastic Christmas sing-a- long! It was wonderful to have such a huge audience to perform in front of. The children were all fantastic and sang so well- it’s not easy performing in front of such a big audience but they absolutely smashed it! Mrs Nicolini and I were so proud of all our little elves!

Today we had our class Christmas party. Thank you to the PTA who provided some delicious party food that the children definitely enjoyed! Thank you to them for also arranging a visit from the big man himself! No… not Mr Gorton again but Father Christmas, who took some time out from his very busy schedule to deliver some lovely chocolate selection boxes to all the Nursery children. The children were so excited to see him that he was welcomed by a chorus of cheers and clapping. Father Christmas confirmed that all of our children are on the ‘Good List’ but he wasn’t so sure about Mrs Nicolini and I! Oh well, here’s hoping there is still time to turn it around!

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to our last few days together in 2017!

Mrs Carpineta and Mrs Nicolini.




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