Nursery News 1/12/17

Can you believe it is December already? The children have been telling me about their Advent calendars and we are all very excited for Christmas- not long now!

This week, to continue our People Who Help Us topic, we looked at the role of teachers. The children brainstormed their ideas  of what they thought a teacher does with Mrs Nicolini (all good things of course!). Our story of the week was ‘Starting School’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The children loved making comparisons between the school in the story and what we have at our school. They made their own ‘registers’ to check if everyone was here and some even shared a story with the class. I think they may be after my job!

We continued looking at shapes in the environment but this time looking at what we could see around the classroom. The children were surprised at how many shapes they could find in everyday objects.

Creative activities this week were focussed on exploring and mixing primary colours, with their fingers, to see what new colours they could make. We will be revisiting this next week but please feel free to play and explore at home. Remember, any learning you do at home, particularly technology based, we would love to have some photos of to put in their folders. Don’t forget, their folders are there for you to look at and share with your children to see how their learning is progressing. We are extremely proud of how well our Nursery children are doing and we want you to share in their achievements!

Our letter of the week was ‘P’.Next week’s letter will be ‘I’.Please feel free to send in any ‘I’ items for the children to share and discuss.Thank you in adance.

Today you received a Class Dojo letter. We will be setting up the Class Dojo system in Nursery but it will run differently to the rest of the school. It will just be used as a messaging system, should you want to get in touch with me regarding Nursery issues but do remember our door is always open.

Tomorrow is the Christmas fayre  and we just wanted to thank you for your generous donations. We have some fantastic decorations that will surely be the main attraction on your Christmas tree this year! So come along and buy your child’s decoration and maybe visit Santa. I have insider knowledge that all of the Nursery children are on Santa’s ‘Nice List’!

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday!
Mrs Carpineta and Mrs Nicolini



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