In out, in out.

Due to ill health and out on courses it doesn’t seem that I have been in class much this week but this is not to say that your children have not been working hard!

English; We have been reading the story ‘Little Owl and the star.

It is the Christmas story told by the owl and the star. We began owl Christmas adventure in the forest school and Miss O’Neil read the story to the children.  We then came back and ordered the story and wrote sentences about each picture.  We wrote a Character description of the owl and have begun to retell the beginning of the story in their own words.

Maths: we have been adding and taking away numbers to 10, 15 and 20 using manipulatives to help us. We have been practising our numbers bonds to 10 and counting in 10’s.

R.E: Our topic Waiting is well away and we have our own Class Advent Calendar up for display and each day we will read out how each child prepares for Christmas and there might be a little treat as well.

Topic: We have started our geography topic ‘Our Local Area’.We have been discussing what an address is. We will be looking closely to our local area in the next coming weeks.

Nativity is on its way. We are learning lines and songs but  not long to go so help in this department would be much appreciated.

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