Parent Voice Minutes

Please find attached the minutes of yesterday’s parent voice meeting. It was a really productive one with lots of celebrations and some good points to consider.
Thank you all.
Thursday 16th November 2017

1. Forest school
This is an exciting new project for us. All parents have shared how amazing it is and how the children are so lucky.
2. Parent pay
Please support us with early teething problems , should they persist then communicate it via the office
3. Continued office re-structuring
4. Reading – we are re focusing in school on children being listened to in school at least 2/3 times a week. Reading books to be changed weekly. We are 4 classes short of a parent/volunteer reader if anyone could help.
5. Parent readers – could staff communicate in class if they have a parent reader.Make them aware of timings/arrangements during their session. A note on the reading folder or a communication book would help. Readers are offering their time to help.
6. Nursery parents are appreciating the drop in lunch club prices.
7. Could we consider reception wearing less formal uniform. Could the Nursery uniform just transfer over. EYFS curriculum leads to this type of uniform.
8. Rec – very happy , key chains working well and children are progressing.
9. Money – Too much money requested all the time , evemn lots of little amounts add up (school will try to be a lot more mindful of this). Can events be thought out throughout the year (we do have them all planned but at times other things crop up or dates change)
10. Could year 6 have an update between parent consultations regarding progress. Parents want to support and are aware at parent consultations (Oct/Feb) that they find out if above/below/in line and therefore think a Dec update could help them support their children further. (School will discuss and if agree then a short slip will be sent with above/below/in line – even if chn are still in line or still below , this doesn’t mean progress hasn’t been made. Assessment criteria booklets are available for all parents from the office should you require information regarding what your child is and should be doing. We also mention this at all of our workshops).
11. Playground equipment at lunch to be re introduced.
12. Cycling proficiency – we are looking into for the new year.
13. Office to have a list of all booster children.
14. Office staff not in to open gates or doors on booster days. School to address.
15. Year 6 children very settled,happy and thriving.
16. For after school clubs could children have a healthy snack – yes we will parent mail this and address with staff.
17. Twitter – could we consider a school account?
18. Class news – many classes expressed that this wasn’t happening- staff did have a note Wednesday on this and in this weeks weekly staff update. Mr Gorton will monitor this as it should be weekly.
19. Dojo consistency – Parents asked how many per day/week – it was clarified that it should average 4 a day to make 20 a week. Over 20 is golden time. There should be very few minus dojo as that is not our policy for sanctions.Staff do need to maintain consistency around this.
20. Nursery dojo still not up – Mr Gorton is addressing
21. Y1 spelling results – could parents be informed? – could these be written in reading record book weekly?
22. How does the school decide how much events cost? Are parents subsidising those parents who never pay?
23. Toilets in younger years – can children be encouraged to go at break and lunch and also part the way through the afternoon if necessary. Some children are anxious to ask.
24. Could staff write a short explanation on homework , especially Maths.
25. Year 2 – too much homework – as a school we believe it is appropriate to raise expectations.Also in parent consultations lots of parents were appreciative of it.
26. Videos and photos of children – why can’t parents take their own in assemblies etc as they are through you tube anyway – as a school we take them as some children are not allowed to be photographed and we know who they are.
27. Swimming year 3 – why are they so late? – This is down to the amount of time it takes children to change – parents could support by teaching their children how to get dressed fast, getting dressed on their own, labelling their uniform so they are not hunting for clothes and for girls to wear socks that day as tights on damp legs with damp feet as we know is a little tricky.
28. Communication in year 3 very good through dojo
29. All enjoyed no pen day
30. Year 4 – good feedback from most for Miss Entwisle – really see that she understands the children and relates to them and made a difference individually – easily approachable
31. Class photos to be on class news weekly
32. Water bottles in all classes to go out a play or for teachers to have a routine for water
33. Could we possibly re do maths workshop after Christmas?
34. Workshop handouts still not on the website
35. Mrs Stagg leaving – parents and children weren’t aware.As a school we did try to make it special but Mrs Stagg was reluctant to share and didn’t want a fuss or anyone to know. We had to respect her wishes. Parent voice asked that we pass on to her how she will be missed by parents and children.
36. Why don’t we participate in children in need? – No real reason – we could consider alternating charities next year.
37. Permission slips – these are difficult to print if you have no printer .Could a few copies of each letter sent via parent mail be available in the reception area for parents who can’t print to access. We will make these available but hope that parents respect that these are a needs must basis and for those who genuinely struggle to print not for those who can’t be bothered.

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