Autumn days

What a great last few weeks we have had. How many of you parents knew your children were great poets?
English:We have been reading and learning about lots of different poems about Autumn. We then got to write our own Acrostic poem about Autumn encouraging the children to use adjectives to describe Autumn.
I have made short videos of them performing poems which i will post at some point today when I receive expertise help from Mr Gorton the ICT whizz.

In maths we have been working so hard on learning our number bonds to 10 and regrouping them in lots of different ways using lots of manipulatives.

In R.E we have finished our topic belonging. We roleplayed a Baptism. We made sure we had godparents, parents and priests.

In science we have been learning about plants and growing our own cress. We investigated what would happen to the cress if it did not have light or water and guess what the cress with water and light grew and the cress in the cupboard with no light or water didn’t grow!

This week has been anti-bullying week. We have been discussing what bullying exactly is and how it is different to when someone is unkind to you. We discussed who we should go to if we feel that we are being bullied and the difference between physical and emotional bullying.

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