Have You Signed Up To Easyfundraising?!!

If you have not already subscribed to easyfundraising (and over 100 parents already have!)…you don’t know what you (and we!) are missing out on!

Over 3 300 retailers provide easyfundraising donations including…

…and there are many more big brands/companies involved besides…including Just Eat!!

Take a look at the video clip below to see how easy it is to subscribe, and then you can join the easyfundraising revolution for St. Joseph’s!!

During the last three years, an incredible


has been raised by our 103 easyfundraising supporters…and we are now in the top 200 easyfundraisisng schools in the country having started way back at over 2500th+!

What an achievement by our easyfundraisers!

Indeed, in the last 30 days our easyfundraisers have raised £24.38…nearly a £1 a day…at no additional cost to them…simply for ‘shopping!

Why not join the easyfundraising fun at St Joseph’s!!

There is no cost to you and no ‘offers’ that you receive from various ‘stores’ will be affected…so everyone is a winner…especially our boys and girls!

Imagine how much money could be raised in the lead up to Christmas!

Click on the link below to go straight to our cause page and join in the easyfundraising fun!


If (and when!) you sign up to easyfundraising, click on the link below to get the ‘Donation Reminder’ toolbar which will help you to raise 5X more on average!


Click on the link below to find out how to download the easyfundraising app!


Come and join the easyfundraising fun!

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