Well into the swing of things!!!

How are we at the end of week 2 already.
English: We have continued learning our sounds and have been writing sentences about what we can see and what we can’t see in the woods/forest. Making sure we remember our capital letters and full-stops.

Maths: This week we have been looking at positional language, we have been learning our left and our right. Ask the children how we know this.

R.E: We have been writing about our parish for our corridor display. We know how Father John, the Altar Servers, the school and the church help our parish.

We really enjoyed our retreat day. The children visited reception where they were told the story of Noah’s Ark. They got to act out the story, paint and make their own books. In Yr5 they discussed how they should include everyone and leave nobody out and in Yr6 they visited the Forest School and discussed the importance of the cross and made their own crosses.

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