Parent Voice Meeting 1

Our first meeting this academic year took place this afternoon. Thank you to those parents who have joined the team , your enthusiasm was very much appreciated and I know it will be a fantastic year ahead.
Parent Voice Meeting

Thursday 21st September 2017
2.30pm Library

1. Welcome – it is so nice to see so many parents , especially after a slow start recruiting.
2. What is parent voice – shared what it is and what our aims are. It is always lovely to celebrate as well as address. We have achieved a lot in our 4 years.
3. New maths scheme – workshops – could parents who don’t attend still receive handouts – we will try and make them available on the website
4. Parent workshops- if it has been a very useful one , please share with others.
5. Meet & Greet – Success /EBI?Liked the informality of it and a chance for the chn to show lockers, seat, class etc, as well as to just chat to the teacher or just say hello.As a school we changed it to 3.15/3.20pm for it to be just like this. Note on the website was incorrect and it wasn’t meant to be 3pm .
6. Dojo system set up in nursery not as dojos but as a communication.
7. The contact us page/section of the website isn’t responded to.
8. Pens/markers still marking/staining clothes
9. Dojos – check as some have several links attached and confusing . Also can chn use as they did previously?
10. Why does the school APP have such ‘crazy’ moments at time?
11. Would parents be able to attend celebration assemblies – possibly monthly?
12. Changing for PE in some older classes – could we consider separate arrangements?
13. Payment cards for residential haven’t yet been sent out
14. School bank – we are in conversation about this.
15. Year 6 and Year 2 – homework is manageable and chn and parents like.
16. REC uniform – could we consider an EYFS uniform which is less formal?
17. Rec – communication for parents before start of term not as clear as could be regarding stay and play and start of term.- we will review
18. Can chn come in on PE days in PE kit? – REC – they will eventually need to learn to change , it is a skill they should have before rec and it needs to start at some point.
19. Reception more of a staggered start – previously we did but we now find it good practice to start as we do and this has been fine for the majority of chn and parents
20. REC workshops are fantastic
21. REC key rings are a lovely idea
22. Parent news REC fantastic
23. Well done Mrs Ramsay
24. Would we consider girls wearing: culottes, skorts or trousers as sometimes it is difficult to sit on the floor appropriately – currently we are happy with our policy.
25. Clubs tab on the website links to a blank page – we will address
26. After school club – are there plans to set up a 5 day after school club? – we are constantly reviewing this as it is something we would like to provide and know there is a need. Currently it is a staffing issue which we are looking into.If parents wish to register their interest then we will then have more of an idea on demand.
27. Children reading out results in class – is there a need? – we will look into
28. Cycling proficiency – we will look into
29. Afterschool clubs – could parents be notified if they have and have not got a place. Some parents have to constantly ring to find out. – we will address
30. Thank you parents for naming our teachers and saying that you are happy and the children are happy here.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 16th November 2017

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