Magical MacMillan

What a truly wonderful celebration of generosity and community spirit we have enjoyed at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School as our MacMillan fundraiser has taken place throughout the course of the day!

Starting at the crack of dawn with the Staff Breakfast it has been one fundraising event after another throughout the course of the day…with the emphasis on ‘fun’!

I seriously did not think that we would get even half-way through all of the cakes and sweet treats that had been so generously donated…but clearly everyone was either very hungry or in the mood for spending…or both!

Many thanks to all of those parents who offered their support for the parent sessions…we couldn’t have done it without you!

Having raised so much money, we have not been able to count it all yet…so we will let you know the ‘running total’ on Monday…I’m sure it will be the best ever!

Finally, a big ‘THANK YOU’ and ‘WELL DONE’ to Mrs O’Connor for organising the whole event from start to finish…and beyond!

That’s a whole lot of organisation!

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