Meeting 6 Minutes

Date – Thursday 22nd June  2017

 Present : Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Theodulou, Mrs Conaghan,

Apologies: Mrs Amorosi, Mrs Athamou, Mrs Wright, Mrs Hudson


  • Welcome
  • Ofsted report – we went through the schools view of the report. Any questions from that. Should anyone want to discuss then they can always pop in.
  • WhatsApp concerns – just to be mindful of social media and if there is a problem to relay it to the right people before it escalates.
  • Terrorism /lockdown/safeguarding – we discussed the plans we have in place and why.
  • Mr Man project – if anyone knows someone who will work with us as a role model to do various activities for our boys.
  • The organisation of the year 2 trip was fantastic.
  • Could we look at adding a large coloured dot to the back of high vis jackets on trips to help leaders locate.
  • Communication on trips – could we have a message that they have got there as soon as school know – this will be sent via parent mail text
  • Can we be mindful of working parents when arranging activities especially when in one week there are several activities.
  • When will parents know teachers for next year? – 7th July in the newsletter
  • Communication in year 4 could be better
  • Year 4 Wicked trip – could parents be informed as soon as they arrive?
  • Heat wave – Why weren’t the gazebo’s up? All benches were moved to the shade and the chn used these.
  • Could each class have a fan?
  • Parent mail absence report – is this enough or do we need a note? No the parent mail is fine
  • Parents shared that they were happy and so were the majority. We have a lovely school.
  • Parent voice reps for 2017-18 – if you would like to represent your child’s class next year then please see Mrs O’Connor by 7th July


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