Parent Voice Minutes

Date – Thursday 18th May 2017

Present: Mr Gorton,  Mrs Theodulou, Mrs Conaghan, Miss Collins, Mrs Athamou, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Amorosi

Apologies: Mrs Hudson


  • A number of Year 2 parents wanted to express their thanks to Miss Scales for the work that she has done with their children this year.

  • Road Safety Awareness Course for Year 5 and Year 6 – Since children can now cycle to school, could this be arranged through school? Mr Gorton will investigate this possibility.

  • Christmas Holiday Dates – Parents were appreciative of the opportunity to have longer after Christmas before returning to school. Children are more refreshed and this subsequently impacts on learning.

  • ParentMail – Very positive feedback received from many parents concerning the introduction/use of ParentMail this year.

  • Thursday 8th June – Confirmation that school is closed as it is being used as a Polling Station for the General Election and this day is an ‘exceptional’ day in addition to our INSET Days.

  • ParentPay – We are intending to introduce ParentPay for September 2017. Training is taking place and the necessary arrangements are currently being made. This will be used for a wide variety of payments. Further information to follow.

  • Year 2 Class Trip clashes with Aspirations Day. Occasionally, this can happen due  to limited diary availability for some trip providers/venues. Year 2 could have their own Aspirations Day earlier that week or on the following Monday. This will be looked into.

  • Golden Mile – Is this still happening? Yes (unless the weather does not permit); a reminder will be given.

  • Class Dojo – Can this facility be used to provide parents with reminders pertinent to their class? Yes, as appropriate. Can all children be given the opportunity to be ‘Star Of The Week’? Yes, some children will achieve this on more than one occasion but all awards should be based on effort/achievement/behaviour.

  • Class News – All Class News posts will be updated regularly following appropriate training.

  • Playground Games/Toys – Year 5 Play Leaders have been appointed and resources purchased to provide the boys and girls with lots of activities to enjoy on the playground/school field at break/lunchtime.

  • Sports Day – The initial date set clashes with a secondary school’s transition day. This will be finalised and advertised appropriately before half term.

  • Teachers for September – This cannot be finalised until after half term and would understandably not be discussed in this forum. Parents will be duly informed once this has been decided upon.

  • Ofsted Report – There has been a delay in receiving the draft due to the number of recent inspections undertaken. The report should be published by half term. Parents will be notified when it has been published; it will be available on the Ofsted website and via the school website.

  • Year 1 Kidsmania Tip – Parent volunteers willing to help.

    Year 4 Trip – this has been provisionally booked for Wednesday 28th June to replace the proposed trip last term which unfortunately did not take place. A letter will be sent out to Year 4 parents tomorrow.

Many thanks to all Parent Voice representatives who dedicate their time to collate responses and attend meetings. 

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