Meeting 2 Minutes

Date – Thursday 24th November 2016

Present :Mrs Kendal , Mrs Amorosi,Mrs Theodulou,Mrs Athamou,Mrs Conaghan,Mrs Hudson

Apologies : Mrs Kelly , Mrs Wright


  • Welcome
  • Reading Scheme- to encourage a love of reading children who achieve lime on the book bands will become free readers and they will not use the Oxford reading tree books in the library. These books are too old and unengaging. The school wished to encourage a love of reading. Therefore this term Year 4 and 5 children who are beyond lime will choose their own book from the library. This will still be monitored by the class teacher and TA.
  • Parent readers- Mrs Kendal Thanked the new parent volunteers we now have. This has made a great difference to our children, as they receive quality time reading one to one with an adult. This then means our teaching assistants can focus on interventions and focused support within class. If anyone else would like to give their free time to do this vital task please contact Mrs Kendal.
  • Mindfulness – Mrs Kendal explained that every class in the school has been having a mindful minute since September at 1pm. This has been introduced by Miss Thomas to support mental health, helping children to deal with troubling emotions like, anger, frustration and sadness. All parents welcomed this new initiative.
  • AOB: Thank you to the teachers and TA’s for changing books daily- this really helps the children’s enthusiasm about reading.
  • Jumpers- for PE- when do we need to buy? They are £9 available from the school office by next week please.
  • Year 6 -Do not need to purchase as only have two terms left- but they may organise to get a group of cheap burgundy sweatshirts that would keep them going for the two terms.
  • PE kits to be sent home weekly(in some year groups)- to ensure they are washed.
  • Can PTA letters go onto Parent mail. All parents agreed that Parent mail is a good initiative. WE will look into PTA using this as well. We will also look into the possibility of electronic signatures. If parents are unable to print letters then please just write on paper permission or details and sign and return to school.
  • Also children are all given letters from PTA these days may vary if a teacher is pushed for time- however it is the child’s responsibility to empty their locker and take home.
  • Is there going to be French trip in year4- no-as they may have a sleep over in Spring term if it links to their topic . However we will be looking in the future to have a possible two night year 5 trip to prepare them for year 6.
  • Some parents were disappointed with the school photos as children had food around their mouths.
  • Some parents are concerned about the school dinners. They do not look like the menu card and therefore children are not so keen to eat them.
  • Are children having house team badges- yes they are and have been given in reception today. Children should wear them and they can be purchased from the office.
  • St Joseph’s APP- when class news goes onto the page it does not show what class has posted- could teachers put it at the top please – No – Mr Gorton has previously reminded parents that they can choose on the APP what they need/want to be alerted to- he will re send.
  • Homework- teachers are only ticking the work- this is school policy as many teachers give individual feedback. Teachers spend a large amount of time marking all other books and it is important that children know they have achieved. This is stated in our homework policy
  • Dojos- concerns were raised about consistency- it is felt that some children are rewarded even though they are badly behaved and some children who are good never get a reward. It was explained that teachers try very hard to be fair and consistent- but reaching 20 does mean that every child has to be rewarded at least 4 times a day to reach the 20.
  • Some teachers not adding enough books to bug club.
  • Marker and whiteboard pens marking uniform
  • Quality of school uniform



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