School Council Book Sale!!

This morning, our School Council formally introduced themselves to all of the boys and girls and explained what they are aiming to achieve this year.

One of their targets is to raise enough money to purchase an X-Box which will be used as a reward for ‘Stars Of The Week’ and other special achievements.

In order to get the funds rolling in, the School Council will be holding a Book Sale on a daily basis for the rest of this week. Through our new contract with Essex Library Service we are due to receive over 400 new books for the School Library, hence we have to clear some space on the shelves!!

Children can purchase three books for 50p (what a bargain!!) and they will be on sale in the School Hall at break-time and during lunch for the rest of this week.

There are plenty of books to choose from (see below…and there are more!!) so remember to bring in your 50p boys and girls…or even a pound!!

The more books that the School Council sell…the quicker you get the X-Box, boys and girls!!


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