Meeting 1 Minutes

Parent Voice

Date – Thursday 15th September 2016

Present : Mrs Kelly, Mrs Rooney, Mrs Theodulou, Mrs Athamou, Mrs Wright, Mrs Conaghan, Mrs Hudson

Apologies :Mrs Amorosi (but Mrs Rooney attended for that year)


  • Welcome
  • What is parent voice?

An opportunity to celebrate our school and ways forward.

  • What would you like to see next time?

If any parents would like to see any aspect of our school in action.

  • AOB – N/R/1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Homework books – parents feel in year 1 they are too big – it was shared that it is a part of the school and consistent across the school and there would be no change.
  • Bike rack – could we look at having one more accessible for parents to help children – SLT had discussed the possibility of a bike rack at the front under the tree – we will look into.
  • If a child has an individual negative dojo then can parents be messaged – as a school we feel that the child should be able to explain the reason- some in ks1 may not be able to and if it is ongoing teachers do need to communicate with parents the reason.
  • If children are standing out on the line at lunch on a regular basis or missing more than one play then can parents be informed.
  • Meet the teacher was a success
  • Dojo’s being given an additional burst of enthusiasm is helping and some children are looking to gain more.
  • Dojo’s need to be consistent in every year group.
  • If children are missing golden time then it needs to be for good reason and not because the teacher has forgotten to give dojos – school will monitor
  • Some parents still unable to access dojo – new letters to be sent
  • Could we have a homework club?
  • After school club – are we going to add additional days? – when the letters went out there was only 2/3 parents requesting other days and so a club just wasn’t viable apart from a Wednesday. We will review at half term or Christmas.
  • Website – class news to be updated every week – some classes not updated weekly – 3 year groups not uploaded last Friday . some classes don’t have up to date pictures/blurbs and events are completely missed.
  • Letters for clubs to go out in advance so that parents are informed before the actual day of the club if their child has a place .
  • Health and safety with school tie – we will discuss
  • Could nursery polo shirts not have nursery on them so that they could be used in reception due to expense – we will discuss but will need to use our current stock first.
  • Lunchtime routines very positive
  • Year 6 /7 transition
  • Can all classes be dismissed at the correct time?
  • Some classes have been told to only have water at lunch/break – in the hot weather children have permission to drink more regularly
  • Parent mail and parent pay
  • Photograph’s – why can’t parents take pictures when the school can? – explained that we have permission and we can cut those chn out who don’t have permission for various reasons
  • BT – set up emails
  • BT – set up sign in at entrance that is easier for key members
  • Next time – photo’s of PV



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