Sports Day…The Sequel!!

This afternoon we enjoyed another fabulous  show of athletic endeavour as the boys in girls took part in the Key Stage 2 Sports.

As with the Key Stage 1 Sports this morning, the session was a great success with all of the children involved in a wide variety of activities including throwing, jumping, running, catching, balancing and so much more besides!!

What was particularly pleasing to see was the wonderful teamwork in evidence and the encouragement that the boys and girls gave each other throughout the afternoon.

Once again…many thanks to all of the staff concerned for their teamwork and adaptability which made today such a great success!!

The final scores for the Key Stage 2 were as follows:

Winter – 1538
Autumn – 1455
Spring – 1415
Summer – 1364

This means that the overall winning house was Winter having won both Kay Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Sports!!


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