Our Amazing Tag Rugby Team!!

Out Tag Rugby Team took part in the finals of the Saracens Tag Rugby tournament this afternoon…and they certainly did St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School proud!! 

Over 350 schools in Hertfordshire entered/took part in the tournament in the spring term and today, the top 21 teams took part in the tournament…including us!!

In total, the team played four games, winning two, drawing one and losing by a single try in the quarter final!!

However, this is not the whole story, since the referee had scored the game as a draw (3-3) but our team were totally honest and stated that the other team actually won 4-3!!

I am so proud of you, boys and girls!!

For this, and for their overall ‘sporting approach’ throughout the tournament, our team were awarded the ‘HONESTY’ award…


Finally, many thanks to Mr and Mrs Hayes for coaching the children to such an incredibly high standard (basically the 5th best team in Hertfordshire!!) and to Mrs Jess for supporting them today with transport.

Full team photograph to follow!!


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