They Made A Noise!!

But it was allowed because we asked them to!! 😉

Well done to all of the classes who shared their marvellous ‘Anti-Bullying’ songs at this afternoon’s assembly…they were all so original!!

Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition which was run by the School Council this week…there were so many entries to choose from that it was a very difficult decision. The overall winner was Marco who designed a fabulous A3 poster and won a whole host of prizes for his efforts…including a swing-ball set!!


Well done also to Donatella who was second and Rosabella who was third. Reece also received a special award for a four page Anti-Bullying script that he wrote…well done, Reece!! 😉

Finally, a grand total of £162.64 was raised for the Anti-Bullying Alliance through the sale of wristbands this week!!


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