St Joseph’s Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice Committee

Our Aims

  • At St Joseph’s School we aim to create a participative school which welcomes and includes student perspectives as part of its planning processes. We want to create an environment in which, through genuine consultation with the student body, we can raise achievement, enhance teacher planning, support community cohesion and encourage a sense of mutual responsibility and inclusivity.

  • Through using strategies which engage the student voice we aim to develop students’ skills in leadership, organisation, peer representation, critical thinking, confidence, ambassadorship, creativity and global citizenship. Our School aims to create an environment in which pupils’ voices are valued, and in which they gain the confidence to make their voices heard.

  • To share our learning experiences

  • To understand what pupils want from their education – subjects , topics.

  • To know what good learning is and how to improve experiences

  • To meet teachers and SLT to share issues or findings

We will meet every two weeks and discuss specific tasks that we have been working on. These tasks will usually be for a half term so that we can act and engage activities. At times we will share with our classes our tasks.

We will meet with teachers regarding our role and any questions or areas that we are addressing .

Pupil Voice Members

Elisa Perone

Felix Elson

Patrick Brady

Michaela Kinsella

Shay Carey

Tia Charley

James Hayes


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