Reading at St. Joseph’s


‘It is frequently said or implicitly assumed that there is a positive relationship between enjoyment, attitudes, behaviour and attainment, with pupils who enjoy reading or writing having more positive attitudes towards it, doing it more and thereby getting better at it.’

                                                                                                    Christina Clark and Sarah De Zoysa

National Literacy Trust


As you know, at St Joseph’s we are always endeavouring to do our best for your child.

We are a learning school and are always looking at new strategies to improve your child’s education.

Reading at St Joseph’s is an ongoing focus for us this year at St. Joseph’s . With regards to this, we are looking at  further adapting how we structure reading on a daily basis and routines in relation to reading so that your child benefits from a more rigorous structure in relation to their ‘Reading experiences’ in school.

Reading is the backbone of learning, and without those essential reading skills it is practically impossible for a child to make good progress in other areas of the curriculum.

What Does It Mean

  1. Your child will be listened to read in class at least twice a week by an adult.
  2. Your child’s reading record book will be used by both yourselves as parents and by school to communicate reading/updates/ praise or concerns.
  3. Books in Key Stage 1 and Reception will be changed twice a week.
  4. Your child’s reading record book and reading book will need to be brought in every day. This will then help us read with your child.
  5. We will continue with our Guided Reading sessions daily in class but these will now be in place in Year 1 as well.

We are working on this structure currently so your child may have been asked to bring in their books daily. We fully appreciate that sometimes it takes time to become familiar with a new routine, so you have a couple of weeks to adjust to this new approach before it becomes policy after half term.

How Can You Help?

  1. We are seeking parent readers and more information will be available soon
  2. If you would like more information about reading then we have various Parent Workshops taking place in the coming weeks…please do try to attend. 
  3. There will be additional information and strategies to help with reading with your child on our website.
  4. Please try and support your child by ensuring their books are brought to school everyday.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting the class teacher for clarification.

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