Let Us Remember…

Today marked the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster when a mountain of coal waste slid down into a school and houses in the Welsh village, killing 144 people, including 116 children.

At 9:15am this morning we held a minutes silence in school during our INSET Day in recognition of this truly awful event which devastated this community. 

It is difficult to contemplate the consequences/effects of such a terrible event on an individual and this should serve to make us all truly appreciate our blessings and the joy of life.

May their souls rest in peace.


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Happy Half Term!!

Well wasn’t that simply the quickest half term ever?!!

It barely seems like a couple of weeks ago that we welcomed the boys and girls back to school after the summer break and were basking in temperatures of 30 degrees+…which certainly is not the case now as those autumn winds start to blow!!

As always, our first half term ended with Parent Consultations this afternoon, and it is so pleasing to see such marvellous attendance as we celebrate the hard work and achievements of our boys and girls during the last seven weeks.

There is much to celebrate as you can see by looking back through the Class News posts…many thanks to the teachers for ‘going the extra mile’ with regards to this.

The day after our return from half term, we will be celebrating our first All Saints Mass (Tuesday 1st November – 9:10am) for many years in school…it would be lovely to see as many parents there as possible to mark this special feast day. Miss Gunn has been working very hard to broaden our repertoire of hymns and the boys and girls have certainly responded in great style!!

Many thanks for your continued support.

On behalf of all the staff at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, have a wonderful half term break!!

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Thank You, Mr Cipullo!!

During the last couple of weeks, Mr Cipullo has kindly volunteered his services to help us create two new ‘feature beds’ near the entrance to help make our school look even better…and he is doing a wonderful job!!

Last week, the ground (which was incredibly hard as you can imagine!!) was dug over and weeded (thanks for your help with the weeding, Mr Hunter) and this afternoon Mr Cipullo is cutting down some of the logs from our recent tree excavation to help make a border around these new beds.

As well as this, Mr Cipullo also visited Hillside Nurseries (Crews Hill) and collected five bags of bark chippings and lots of shrubs and bedding plants which were kindly donated to us.

Many thanks to the owner, Mr Peter Glover, for this wonderfully generous gesture!! 

This ‘project’ is a fabulous example of what a wonderful school community we have where people are willing to give of their time, skills and resources to provide our children with the very best.

Sincere thanks to all concerned!!


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Parent Consultations Reminder!!

Please remember that school closes at 1:00pm today due to Parent Consultations taking place this afternoon.

Please ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment and that appointments do not ‘over run’ since this is not fair to parents waiting for an appointment.

Please enter/leave school via the Infant entrance.

Also, please ensure that all children are appropriately supervised at all times.

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon!!

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October Newsletter!!

It is half term already!!

Please find attached the October 2016 Newsletter…and what a busy month it has been!!

Click on the link below to view this month’s newsletter and see how much we have crammed into just three weeks!!

October 2016

Hard copies are available on request from the School Office.

Enjoy the read!!

Have a good day.

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Year 5 Are Measuring Up!!

After a quick lie down it was off to Year 5…who also proceeded to have a little lie down…however it was all in the name of mathematical investigation!!

The boys and girls have been working on various ‘conversions’ during the course of the week and today we looked at converting their heights into three different formats…including decimal notation and the value of the ‘hidden’ zero!!

Having been measured myself…it appears that I am shrinking…it must be old age!!

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Another Day At The Office?!!

There is no such thing at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School!!

Apparently, Luca G has broken his foot kicking a football that was supposed to be soft and the boys and girls in Year 4 are now writing a letter of complaint to the company that made the football!! I’ll see you in the Medical Room later, Luca!!

In Year 5, the boys and girls are ‘multi-tasking’ with a French-English lesson as they compose their own cinquains…and there is some marvellous vocabulary in evidence from ‘tout le monde’!!

And the topping on top of the pizza…the boys and girls in Year 3 are making their own delicious pizzas!! But what they don’t know is that they are for the staff during the break in Parent Consultations tomorrow afternoon…it saves me having to order them in!!

Thanks, Year 3!!

And all this before break-time!!

I need a lie down!!

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A Success!

Thank you to those parents who attended this afternoon’s SEND coffee afternoon. A very worthwhile event with parents happy to share their experiences and ask questions.

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First News Group – Clown Craze

Our First News Group meet with Mrs Kendal on a weekly basis to discuss various stories that feature in the First News newspaper.

This week, the main front page article concerned the current ‘Clown Craze’ which is making headline news across the world, and this generated some excellent discussion during the session.

Hopefully, none of our children will be subjected to this sort of activity/threat, but if they are, clearly it should be treated a a case of ‘Stranger Danger’ and reported immediately.

Advice from the NSPCC in the First News article is as follows:

“People getting dressed up as ‘creepy clowns’ and frightening young people is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Young people should stay well away from the them and remember that on this occasion the sad person is in the suit.”

For further information concerning First News, click on the link below.


Many thanks to Mrs Kendal for leading our First News Group.


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ParentMail Re-Launch!!

This morning, Darren from ParentMail visited St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School to provide us with our final training before we re-launch ParentMail.


During the last few weeks, Mrs Conaghan has provided marvellous support in chasing up email addresses/telephone numbers and collating the necessary information to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Sincere thanks, Mrs Conaghan!!

With this in mind, can you please ensure that you provide us with details of any changes to your contact details in the future so that we can make these changes on the database as appropriate.

This evening you will receive a letter concerning our ParentMail re-launch and tomorrow you will receive a welcome email verifying that you have been successfully registered.

Click on the links below to view the letter and the attached flyer.

ParentMail Letter For Parents 18-10-2016

ParentMail Flyer

After half term, ParentMail will become our main means of communication and it is vital that you log-in regularly to check for emails and messages. No paper copies of letters for trips/clubs etc. will be sent out after half term, it will all be done through ParentMail.

Another feature of ParentMail is that you can contact school through the ParentMail App to notify us of your child’s absence rather than having to make a phone call.

As soon as our bank details have been registered, we will start to use ParentMail for trip payments and eventually dinner money.

We are very excited about the prospect of using ParentMail to further improve communication and we look forward to your feedback in the coming weeks.

Our very own ParentMail App is currently being ‘built’ and this will be available to download after half term. Further details to follow.

Thank you for your continued support. 


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