Autumn 1 Week 6

This week was Black History week. The children learned about Martin Luther King through guided reading.

The children also took part in an African drumming workshop and then showcased their skills to the rest of key stage 2 later that day.  It was great to see some of the children in their traditional dress. It was a beautiful display!

Book changing days have been changed to Tuesday (where the book will be stay over Monday night) and Friday.

Have a great weekend.

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Black History Week Celebrations

This week St Joseph’s immersed themselves into Black History Week by attending the African Mask making and Drumming Workshop.
Reception and Key Stage 1 decorated their own African masks. They were taught where African masks came from and the importance of the colours they were using.
Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to learn and play an African beat using African drums. At the end of the day Key Stage 2 got to show case what they had learnt to other classes.
As for the rest of the week classes have been very busy!
Nursery: have been reading Handa’s Surprise and have been making a delicious fruit salad with tasty exotic fruits.
Reception: have been learning about Martin Luther King and have been telling everyone what their dreams are.
Year 1: have been reading the book ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’. The children learnt about how slavery existed and how Henry managed to free himself by mailing himself in a box. Children have written postcards pretending to be Henry and they have drawn and written what they would put in their ‘freedom box.’
Year 2:have been looking at various famous people such as Martin Luther King and Jessie Owens. Writing fact files and their dreams.
Year 3: have been covering Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Reading and answering questions about their lives and what ethey have had.
Year 4: have been looking at pop art of black influential people. They have learnt about the importance and effect people such as Rosa Parks, Michael Johnson, Mary Seacole and Martin Luther King.
Year 5: have been learning about Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. They have retold their stories as a diary.
What a fun packed week it has been and children’s learning has been enriched by learning about such famous people that have had such a cultural and influential effect on our lives.


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Good Morning from Kent

A final good morning from our Year 6’s in Kingswood.

Yesterday a fantastic time was had by all, the 3 G – Swing was especially a huge hit.

The cases are packed ready for their return, updates re arrival times will be sent out via Parentmail this afternoon.

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Hello from Kingswood!

A Thursday morning update after my visit yesterday evening to see them all. Even though I was only there for about 2 and 1/2 hours it really was time well spent on the M20! I arrived to Lazer and fencing before learning a song and a circle game(which has now stuck in my head!!!)

They really are having a wonderful time together .They are tired but still full of energy, as a result of them bursting with energy and excitement  many have hoarse voices  and some very croaky singing!

I left after dinner ,which was Italian themed with lasagne and chicken pasta on the menu with ice cream to follow .They were then going onto scrap heap challenge and what seems to be the nightly hair dressing salon as Mrs Jess is now the class hairdresser with plaits everywhere!

Today I know they will be excited as they finally get to try the long awaited 3G Swing!!!!!!

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Wednesday update!

Good morning,

A quick update from our Year 6 children. An earlier night last night with ALL asleep well before 10.30pm so it shows a very busy day .Hopefully a lot earlier tonight!!!!!!! Today’s activities are Aeroball,bush craft, fencing and their last activity of the evening is a scrap heap challenge which does sound interesting! Hopefully more of an update tomorrow after my planned trip this afternoon or this evening! 

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Kingswood Residential update

Our morning update from a not so sunny Kent!All are settled and were asleep by 11pm last night after an afternoon on the Zipwire and then a movie.That was just day 1!!!!!! Today ,they are up and have now had breakfast already before they start their first full day which includes;archery,buggy build,jacobs ladder and mini Olympics.So just a normal quiet Tuesday!

More updates to follow over the next few days!

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National Poetry Day – Thursday 3rd October 2019

On Thursday 3rd October we will be celebrating National Poetry Day at school, there will be a special lunch menu available on this day.

Please take a look at the link below with your child to see what Tasty Thursday Treats are on offer.


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Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to you all for supporting today’s events and Macmillan in various ways; Donating cakes, wearing green, buying raffle tickets and attending our events. A big thank you to those parents and Governors that helped to serve refreshments or cake.

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Friday’s Retreat update

Good morning ,A quick update on their final day. Quite an early night last night and all slept soundly right up to 7am,not a peep until they were woken so obviously a very busy day yesterday! All up and packing before breakfast and then a return by the end of school.

Updates on arrival times nearer via parent mail.

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Macmillan Fundraiser Day Tomorrow

As you know we are supporting Macmillan’s worlds biggest coffee morning tomorrow with lots of events to involve everyone.

What do you need to remember?

1.Bring in lots of cakes for us to sell and share

2.Wear green and donate£2

3.Children’s raffle – lots of lovely prizes to win!

4.Cake sale

5.Parent coffee morning -9am and afternoon -2.30pm – Come and share cake,coffeee,win a raffle and give generously to such a worthy cause.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow in your green and ready to support this fantastic charity. I thank you in advance for your generous donations! 

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