International Day Help!

We are celebrating international week from Monday 8th May to Friday 12th May.

The children will be celebrating one country in class from Monday to Thursday and then on the Friday we will celebrate our own country, culture, nationality.

It is on Friday 12th May that we need a little parent help.

  1. All children wear their cultural/national clothes or colours (No sports kits)

  2. International Talent Show/Music and Dance (pm)

  3. International Food Tasting and Picnic (pm)

If you can support by sharing a talent or by coming in to speak to the classes about your country , share your language then please let us know.

Food tasting/picnic – if any parents are available to cook and bring in food or help us prepare food for our celebration in the afternoon please let me know. If we had parents from all of our international groups this would make for a fantastic feast. If you are available at all on Friday 12th May to help in any way please contact your friends and then contact Mrs O’Connor to discuss making it the most amazing international festival we have had.

Thank you for supporting your children and making their experiences so memorable!

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Governor Vacancies

Would you like to become a governor for St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School?

We are now looking for new Governors to join our current team. We have vacancies for two Parent Governors and one Foundation Governor, so please get in touch.

We are always looking for people who are interested in becoming a school governor. You do not have to be an educational expert or even have children in the school, but you must have a desire to make things better for the community.

There are several different types of governor that make up the team:

Parent Governors

Parents, including carers, of pupils are eligible to stand for election as governors. Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school. If insufficient parents stand for election, the governing body may appoint parents.

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are volunteers who serve as the Bishop’s representative to assist in managing our Catholic schools. They work alongside other governors including parent governors to form a governing body or board of directors.  They are involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the school – such as running buildings and budgets, supporting staff, monitoring standards and the Catholic ethos and help make big decisions about the school’s long-term goals. 

Foundation Governors have specific responsibility for admissions to the school, the employment of staff, Religious Education and collective worship.  The governors help determine the future for pupils attending our schools.

What qualities do I need to become a foundation governor?

In order to act as the Bishop’s representative you should be a practising Catholic.  The most  important qualities for being a foundation governor are an allegiance to Catholic education, enthusiasm, and commitment.  You do not need teaching experience, but it is useful to bring skills from other areas of your life; such as financial, human resources, buildings, health and safety.

What will I be asked to do as a governor?

You can expect to attend and contribute to meetings of the full governing body (usually between 3 and 6 per year) and at least one of its sub-committees (approximately a further 3 per year). Meetings normally last between one and two hours and are held at a time to suit the membership.

Governors are expected to take an interest in the life of the school, to attend some of the public events during the academic year and to see something of the school at work (often by being associated with a particular subject area).

Governors may occasionally be required to attend interviews associated with staff  appointments or serve on special panels associated with admissions, disciplinary or employment matters.

Please click on the link below if you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor.

Parent Governor Application


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This Week’s ‘Stars Of The Week’!!

Well done to the ‘Stars Of The Week’ who really impressed their teachers with their hard work and effort this week.

Week Commencing Monday 13th March 2017

Nursery – Harry (AM) and Anaya(PM)
Reception – Whole Class
Year 1 – Sophie and Patryk
Year 2 – Ginelle and Luisa
Year 3 – Wiktor and Francesca
Year 4 – Ella and Charis
Year 5 – Sofia and Stephen
Year 6 – Isabella and Giorgio


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This Week’s ‘Writers’!!

Every week, the teachers from Year 1 to Year 6 are asked to chose a child who has produced a super piece of writing that week to receive a writing award!!

These children all receive a certificate and their work is proudly displayed on the writing display board in the Junior corridor.

This week’s chosen ‘writers’ are:

Year 1 – Sebastian Simmons
Year 2 – Ginelle Asiedu
Year 3 – Aurelie Mamonkita
Year 4 – Soffie Lockhead
Year 5 – Logan Hardman
Year 6 – Isabella Randazzo

Congratulations to all concerned!!


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Attendance Award

Every week, the class with the best attendance receives a special certificate to recognise their excellent attendance…and any class with 100% attendance for a whole week receives a special reward!

This week, our overall attendance is average with 96.4% attendance across the school.

The winners of this week’s Attendance Award are Year 2 with a very good 99.2% attendance. In second place are Year 5 with 96.9% attendance, and in third place are Year 1 with 96.7% attendance.



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Bag2School Collection – Change Of Date!

Please note, the next Bag2School collection is not on Tuesday 24th April 2017 as stated in a previous message. The date for this collection is Wednesday 10th May 2017.

So, you now have longer for a good ‘clear out’ over the next couple of weeks so that you can bring in all of those unwanted clothes/shoes to make room for your summer wardrobe.

All bags should be brought to school by 9:00am on Wednesday 10th May 2017 and you do not have to use the Bag2School bag that was distributed before Easter if you can’t find it, although there are spares in the School Office.

All bags should be left under the large tree next to the Trinity Lane gate.

Many thanks to our marvellous PTA for organising this once again…and of course to all of you for your forthcoming contributions!

Thank you for your continued support.

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British Day…By George!

Yesterday was ‘British Day’ at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

All of the boys and girls were involved in various activities with a ‘British/English’ theme with St. George’s Day being celebrated tomorrow! This included making flags/roses/dragons, role play, cream teas…and even a game of cricket…how quintessentially English!

Great fun was had by all…and lots of learning took place too…what a bonus!

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District Sports Practices

District Sports Practices begin next week (wc: Monday 24th April 2017) as follows:

Monday – Year 3 and Year 4

Thursday – Year 5 and Year 6

Please note, children do not have to return a form to attend these practices – all are welcome!

These sessions will end at 4:20pm.

Netball/Football Practices will begin again in the autumn term.


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Meet And Greet Survey Results

As I’m sure you know, at the most recent Parent Consultations which took place before Easter, a number of governors were present for a ‘Meet And Greet’ session.

As part of this, parents were asked to complete a survey concerning a wide variety of topics including their child’s perspective on school, safeguarding, expectations and many others besides.

In total, 69 parents completed the survey and the results are available via the link below.

Meet And Greet Survey Results

It was very pleasing to note that 100% of the parents who completed the survey agreed/strongly agreed that:

 Their child enjoyed school.

Their child was expected to work hard and do their best.

The school treats my child fairly and with respect. 

Overall, they were pleased with their child’s experience at school.

In addition to this, the vast majority (92.7%+) of parents agreed/strongly agreed that:

The school encourages my involvement in my child’s work.

The school meets my child’s needs.

The school is well led and managed.

The school sets appropriate homework for my child.

The school informs me of my child’s progress.

The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle.

The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future.

Many thanks to all of those parents who took the time to complete the survey, your feedback is greatly valued and provides us with an excellent opportunity to review our current practice.

Finally, many thanks to those governors who were able to attend the ‘Meet And Greet’ session; parental feedback concerning this initiative was also very positive.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide the best possible educational experiences for all of our children.

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PTA Meeting – All Welcome!

There will be a PTA Meeting in the School Hall at 7.00pm on Thursday 20th April, 2017. You don’t have to be a member to attend, all parents and carers are welcome.

We would particularly like to extend the invitation to all those parents/carers who have just been allocated Reception places for their children to start in September – why not come along? It’s a great way to meet other parents and get involved with our school community.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to get involved with the PTA or find out more then please email us at: .

We look forward to seeing you!

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