Parent Workshops/Home school learning partnership

A massive THANK YOU to those parents who attended this mornings phonics home learning session. It is only through such sessions that you get a real insight into what is being taught and how. Education changes quickly as we know and it is only together that we can support your children.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be another morning session. Firstly we will share with you the changes to our curriculum expectation in line with new Ofsted guidelines and how we have reviewed our policy and curriculum .This will be followed by an in class handwriting session. This year we are having a real drive on handwriting and the expectation is for ALL children to have received their pen licence by the end of year 3 so please support us by attending if you can and supporting your child with their handwriting.

I look forward to seeing you there!!!!

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Parent Coffee Morning – Thursday

An invite to all parents tomorrow to pop in for a chat and a coffee. A chance to chat with me and each other as a good start to a new term.

I look forward to seeing many familiar and New faces.

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Welcome Back!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer ,fun filled and full of adventure just like mine. Today will be no different once all our nerves have settled and we catch up with our friends, fun filled learning and lunchtimes full of adventure. The scenery possibly isn’t the same but the opportunities will be as rich and as varied as always.

I look forward to welcoming you all back today and I can’t wait to hear all the exciting stories from your holidays.

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The Final Countdown!

As always the end of term is an extremely busy week but within the business we have taken time to truly celebrate and recognise our children. Our children are the reason for everything and to give rich ,life long learning experiences is why we do what we do. 

Our year 6 children showed such talent on Monday Night that they amazed all of us. The show was of such a standard that we laughed throughout and I am sure if tickets were sold the night after it would have been a sell out.As I said that evening I thank our children not only for making me proud but for really celebrating who they are and being who and what they want to be.

A little look through the ships window!

And a glimpse of the interval!


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A much busier week than usual!

I do normally say that we have a busy week but this week really has been a blur.

If parents were wondering about any of the following events or timings etc these are updated weekly on our newsletter.This really is your information sheet for the week ahead.As a school we do communicate and probably at times over communicate . This weekend you can look forward to your child’s school report and as stated in today’s newsletter our moving up day /meet the teacher will be Tuesday,this was always the intention and new staff will be visiting on Tuesday . The teacher list is also attached to the newsletter.As stated it wasn’t my intention for you to be informed so late but staff needed to be secured first in order to fully inform you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The week began again on Sunday for some of us with Year 5 presenting their produce at the CHEXS family day and farmers market. We received 3 gold,4 Silver and 3 bronze awards.We came 3rd overall and WON the best theme. Well done year 5 for working so hard with our volunteer gardener Lee to grow some lovely produce.

Summer Music Evening 

Monday night we celebrated the talents of many of our children. Our musicians,choir and dancers performed amazingly well and really showed what St Joseph’s children can do. I was immensely proud to be a part of such an evening and to see the full extent of our children’s hard work and perseverance. I usually just see or hear part of a piece of music as i go around school but we really were spoilt on Monday evening. Thank you to Miss Gunn & Mrs Skelton. 

Year 6 Prayer service

Year 6 have had an extremely busy week between visits to their secondary schools and the start of our leavers events with their prayer service on Tuesday.We shared the theme of journeys and memories . Thank you parents once again for your support as there was barely a chair left.

Year 4&5 Funtrition Party 

A celebration on Tuesday of the terms work on healthy eating ,fitness and a healthy lifestyle by year 4&5. They have been working with our Sports Coach to learn about healthy living. Thank you parents for supporting their party and serving some amazing healthy choices.It all smelt delicious!

Sports Day!

The sun shone on Wednesday for us to enjoy a fantastic day of sports. The winning team for both morning and afternoon was Mark house so a big well done to those,but a really big thank you and well done to everyone for really participating well and making the day so enjoyable. 

Thank you parents for participating and a special thank you to those parents during the afternoon who gave us staff a lot of encouragement during our race!

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Good Shepherd Mass

Today I was lucky enough to accompany the new Chaplaincy team as they attended the Catholic Children’s Society Good Shepherd Mass in Westminster Cathedral.  It was a joy and a privilege to be with them at such a special Mass and our children represented our school beautifully.  The children were all impressed with the Cathedral and enjoyed participating in the Mass itself and what great participants they were.  I could hear all of our children singing along with gusto in the hymns; Alessia and Lamont carried the banner in the procession at the beginning and end of Mass and Annie was part of the offertory procession.  Our two readers, Henry and Alex, were composed and read with great clarity and expression.  The Bishop preached about the theme of the Mass, which was “Shine Your Light” and asked questions as part of his homily.  Lamont gave a lovely, articulate, well thought out answer which impressed the Bishop and all of us.

The children were a credit to our school and to all their parents.  I was proud to be with them today and look forward to their next Chaplaincy event.

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Good morning!

A very busy but enjoyable sleepover has been had by all. The first asleep before 11pm and the last by 11.45pm ,not too bad! They were obviously worn out by the exciting events .Rounders’ with their family, den building ,camp fire and of course toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate .There are a few sleepy eyes opening as I type but the morning call isn’t for about another 45 minutes.

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An Amazing week!

Another week races by with pirates galore and much more today.

A big thank you to year 2 for celebrating their topic in style on Wednesday with an amazing pirate day and fundraiser. You really did excel and so far are the class with the most money raised for our school charity.

Aspirations Day

Today then to more excitement. Aspirations day 2019 really was the best! Every year we think aspirations is great but this year,well! It was.Thank you to our many parents who supported us by sharing their roles and skills.A welcome and thank you to our visitors from the community who really made this a community event. The police,fire services,sports coach,air ambulance and dancers. 

The children really embraced the theme  with pilots,cooks,ice cream makers and many teachers.If our children continue to achieve then they will aspire and achieve their chosen goals. 

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Last but one Residential update

Good morning,

This morning I can write an update from first hand experience after spending a lovely if not extremely windy afternoon with the children yesterday.They really are having an amazing time and all are really enjoying.Their days are extremely busy which means very tired children but all of them have a healthy glow ,strikes of dirt and not so neat hair but all is apart of residential life. I have to say that you have very tidy children as ALL rooms ,with no exception really were very tidy.It does help with regular room inspections but I have to say there were none that I couldn’t or wouldn’t enter.Food is aplenty with lots of choice which everyone is enjoying.

Today’s activities include;

Zip wire and fencing this morning ,followed by High Equilibrium activities ,leap of faith and of course the eagerly awaited disco.I know the disco is the one that the staff really can’t wait for! Final update to follow tomorrow from me and then travel and arrival parent mails from the office staff.

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A Wednesday residential update

A fantastic day yesterday with everyone enjoying their activities if not  getting just a little hot.They are well into their routine and have been exceptional role models. This morning they are up ,even though as Mrs O’Dowd said the boys ALL had to be woken up today so are real sleeping beauties.Off to breakfast now before another packed day.

Today’s events are;

Abseiling ,Volley ball,Bushcraft -shelter building ,then after lunch Archery and course activities before a lovely campfire this evening. 

Further updates to follow during the week!

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