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Have a lovely summer!

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Goodbye…Thank You…Happy Holidays!

Another school year comes to an end, and a memorable one at that!

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed such an exciting and fun-filled year; a year full of so many successes and achievements. Of course, such success and achievement does not simply ‘happen’, it is reward for hard work, commitment and inspiration…all of which are clearly evident in abundance at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on a daily basis. Thank you to all concerned for their incredible dedication to our children throughout the course of this year. 

As always, it goes without saying (although it needs to be said!) that we thank you, our parents, for your continued support as we as strive to provide our children with the best possible educational experiences on a daily basis; such support is one of those features that makes St. Joseph’s such a special place/community.

The end of a school year always brings ‘goodbyes’, particularly to our boys and girls in Year 6! They have been a truly wonderful group of children (and yes…I am slightly biased!) and we thank them all for their marvellous contribution to our school community during their time with us; we wish them all the very best for the future; continue to shine!

We also say goodbye to several members of staff who are moving onto pastures new; we wish Miss Saha, Mrs Cook and Miss Axon all the very best and thank them for their invaluable contribution to our school community during their time with us.

Finally, on behalf of all of the members of staff at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, I would like to thank you all for your incredible generosity in terms of the thanks, cards and gifts that have been received during the last few days. We are blessed to have such an appreciative parent body; with your continued support our school will continue to thrive and be a place of love and learning, where every child achieves to their full potential as part of a fully inclusive community based on gospel values.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

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St. Joseph’s Say Goodbye To Year 6!

Just when you thought that the week couldn’t get more emotional for Year 6…it does!

After our lovely picnic lunch, the whole school gathered together on the School Field as we said a final farewell to our wonderful Year 6 children…you will all be sorely missed…every single one of you!

Next stop…the School Garden!


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End Of Term Mass…

This morning we celebrated our final Mass of the school year at St. Joseph’s Church.

The boys and girls in Year 5 did a marvellous job in leading the celebration; Year 6 deserved to simply sit back and enjoy their last school Mass…particularly after such a busy and emotional week!!

Thank you to those parents who helped to walk the children safely to/from church this morning…we couldn’t have done it without you!


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Talent…Talent…And Even More Talent!

How on earth did we manage to fit so much talent into the School Hall?! Well…it was a tight squeeze…let me tell you!

As well as a change in the starting time due to such a plethora of acts making it to the final, there was also a change in terms of our audience as parents  were invited to attend for the very first time. All of the money raised from ticket sales will go towards our new Prayer Room…thank you to all concerned!

As always, whilst there can only be one winner, it is true to say that all of the boys and girls who performed today are winners simply for being chosen from the auditions and then having the courage to perform in front of such a large (and appreciative!) audience.


After much deliberation the judges’ decision was as follows:

1st: Fran

2nd: Cara, Rose, Francesca, Isabella and Aoife

3rd: Matilda

Bravery Award: Emilio!

Well done to all concerned…including our Year 6 ‘Stage Crew’ (especially Noah and Abisah) and our hosts with the most…Henry and Francesca! 

Our ‘Winners’!

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Our Wonderful New Prayer Room

This morning, our new Prayer Room was ‘officially’ opened and blessed by Fr. John.

During our RE Inspection in January, our marvellous Chaplaincy Team shared their ‘vision’ for a Prayer Room at St. Joseph’s with the inspectors, and subsequently it was set as a ‘target’ for us to achieve by our next inspection in 5 years time…so we are a little ‘ahead of the game’!

The reason for such prompt action was that so our Chaplaincy Team could see their vision become reality…which is what we celebrated today. 

Under Mrs O’Connor’s guidance, our Chaplaincy Team this year have done such amazing work, including leading the Lee Valley Deanery Retreat Day in March, and today was just reward for their efforts.

Sincere thanks to all of those people who helped our Chaplaincy Team’s vision become a reality including Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Perone and the builders from Leary Brothers…we are truly indebted to you all.

This afternoon, all of the children visited the Prayer Room for the first time…of many!

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Ahoy Me Hearties!

Today, as part of their ‘Land Ahoy’ topic, the boys and girls have been busy with Miss Saha making their very own pirate ships! 

Take a look at the gallery slideshow below to see our fabulous boat builders in action!

What truly ‘oar’ some designs, boys and girls!


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Our Chaplaincy Team For 2018 – 2019

Our Chaplaincy Team For 2018 – 2019

Ify – Luca G – Noah – Krisana

Rebecca  – Reece  –  Megan – Aurora

The Chaplaincy Team’s ‘Mission’ this year is:

To work together to support and enhance our religious community as Jesus wants us to.

The Chaplaincy Team’s ‘Aims’ this year are:

  • Supporting our school community

  • Working as a team

  • Developing the prayer life of the school

  • Working with our church and community

  • Helping others develop their faith

I’m sure that they will continue to do a great job in supporting and promoting the Catholic ethos of our school!

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Please Year 6…Can We Have Some More?!

Last night, the boys and girls in Year 6 treated us to a super performance of Oliver…and the crowd were certainly left wanting more!

Despite stifling temperatures, all of the children performed exceptionally well and ensured that all present had a wonderful time.

What made last night’s performance extra special was the fact that every performer ‘played their part’ in making sure that the whole production was a wonderful success…well done to all concerned! 

Congratulations also to the boys and girls in Year 5 who formed a super ‘choir…it will be you on stage next year in the spotlight…if we have bought some by then!

Finally, many thanks and well done to Mrs. O’Dowd and Miss Axon who have worked like the boys in the workhouse during the last few weeks to prepare the children…they certainly couldn’t have done it without you!


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Nursery News – One Week To Go!

Our penultimate week and what a week it has been!

Nursery have enjoyed their transition days at St Joseph’s and their new schools. Those children joining us at St Joseph’s in September also met their ‘soon-to-be Year 6’ buddies. Mr Gallagher and I met last week and decided to let both classes meet and mix. We wanted the ‘buddy-connections’ to be organic and let them almost find their own matches! This actually worked very well and after only a short while each child had ‘claimed’ a buddy. It was really wonderful to see both classes mixing, playing and talking to each other. I am so proud of how confident my Nursery children have become. All of the children seem very happy with the buddies chosen and I know the ‘buddy system’ will be such a positive and wonderful experience for both classes.

This has been another very busy week in Nursery and we all took part in the World Cup antics on Wednesday. Every single one of the Nursery children scored a goal (if only they had been helping out in Russia!). Mrs Gilliam and I also managed to score a goal and I think the children were suitably impressed with my celebration dance, although Year 6 didn’t seem to think much of it!

Today was French Day and we recapped the French words we had learnt during International Day. We also enjoyed a drink and a croissant with our buddies on the field, which was lots of fun!

Have a fantastic weekend as we head towards our final week before the Summer holidays (where has this year gone?!).

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