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Another week flies by…and a very busy one at that!

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Have a lovely weekend!

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Year 6 Assembly

Yesterday, the boys and girls in Year 6 treated us to a highly informative assembly based on their new topic, ‘Frozen Kingdom’.

Despite very little time to prepare the children did a splendid job, especially with the added pressure of our special ‘visitors’ from the Diocese of Westminster in attendance!

Alexia tells us all about it:

‘Year 6 did an assembly all about Global Warming and how we can be a steward to our world and what we can do to help save the frozen kingdom we have out there. We also talked about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and what a carbon footprint is. It also important we care for our creation as we thought about during our ‘Love in Action’ project.’

Thank you for sharing this important message with us all, Year 6.

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Computing Club

Mr Gallagher’s Computing Club will commence next Wednesday.

Your child will be notified if they have a place in the next few days.

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Life To The Full Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view this month’s ‘Life To The Full’ Newsletter from Ten Ten.

Life To The Full Newsletter – January 2018

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PTA Coffee Afternoon – All Welcome!

The PTA will be holding a Coffee Afternoon in the Nursery from 2pm on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 so why not come along and join us for a cuppa?

All parents/carers are welcome to join us and we hope that the afternoon time slot might enable you to attend before picking up your child(ren) from school.

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Lunch Menus

Lunch menus are now available to view under the Parent tab/lunch menus.

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Year 6 Sainsbury’s Depot Tour…Part 1!

This morning, a group of children form Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Sainsbury’s Depot at Waltham Point. 

The boys and girls learnt all about the history of Sainsbury’s from the opening of its first ‘shop’ selling the finest butter in 1869 through to its current status as one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains.

Following this they enjoyed a tour of the depot…including the ‘chilled’ area…it felt warm when we went outside!

Many thanks to CHEXS for organising this marvellous visit…and tomorrow’s too! 

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Spring Term 2018 Curriculum Information

As always, we are continually striving to provide you with as much information as possible concerning your child’s education at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

With this in mind, this term’s ‘Curriculum Information’ for each class is now available to view via the links below:

Nursery – Spring 2018

Reception – Spring 2018

Year 1 – Spring 2018

Year 2 – Spring 2018

Year 3 – Spring 2018

Year 4 – Spring 2018

Year 5 – Spring 2018

Year 6 – Spring 2018

These links are also permanently available in the curriculum tab.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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Parent Voice Minutes

Parent Voice Meetings

Thursday 11th January 2018
Present :
Mrs O’Connor, N/Mrs Mangan(Jonny’s Mum) 1/Mrs Vinci(Isabella’s Mum), 2/Ms Concannon (Niamh’s Mum), R/Mrs Nash (Esme’s Mum), Mrs Corelli (Alessia’s Mum),
4/Kelly Brennen (Evie’s mum), 6/Mrs Piazza (Elisa’s mum).
Apologies : 5/Mrs Grasso (Luca’s Mum), 6/Mrs O’Brien (Noah’s Mum), 3/Mrs Brown (Dylan’s Mum)

1. .Welcome & Happy new year
2. Menu choices – can you encourage parents to take note of menu choices and discuss with their children.
3. Year mid year data to come out Monday as we discussed in the last meeting
4. Swimming – could the school consider walking to save money on coaches? – we have but due to the time slot we would still be late and it is quicker.
5. TA changes – could parents have been communicated with regarding these changes were happening as chn have been upset and parents need to be aware when it is impacting on chn.
6. It is felt that nursery parents are possibly still unaware.
7. At times in reception there is only one adult to welcome the children and sometimes parents even have to bring the children in. Shouldn’t there be two especially at key times like this?
8. Ratio on rec – 31:2 (This was addressed with the diocese – if this continues to be questioned then please contact Mr Gorton)
9. Could a child with packed lunch opt in for a dessert? Chn on school dinners have a choice of dessert and packed lunch can’t put chocolatey or ice cream desserts in as unhealthy. – We are looking at healthier options throughout anyway and giving further guidance for dinners and packed lunch but this will be checked and fed back.
10. Music lessons – are they available for younger chn? Could we look into and the possibility of even classes eg,Piano after school.
11. Music lessons – if a child is taking up an instrument , could they have a taster term before purchasing the instrument as so expensive if then not pursued
12. Y6 TA who is it? – This was clarified as Mrs Harris and Miss Axon but while Miss Axon is off then Mrs Cina and others will cover
13. Cycling proficiency ?
14. Play time equipment
15. If hard copies of attendance letters can be given why can’t hard copies of trip or other letters be given? Why couldn’t attendance letters be sent via parent mail?
16. School dinners – can packed lunch chn just change to school dinners by getting a band?
17. Photos on class news – year 4 there have been none since September
18. Last Friday of the month – parents to attend celebration assembly
19. Calendar wrong on the website
20. Lexia – adult to be present at all times from 8.30am
21. Mr Gallagher 😉
22. Maths booster in year 5 when are they starting as some have?
23. Year 5 trip – send details of summer trip
24. Year 1 and Rec to go on summer trip
25. If staff leave or pupils can this be shared with the whole school community so we can all be aware and not just specific classes.
26. Spaces in year 5 – will they be filled?
27. Barbican choir event – will parents receive information soon? Are parents invited to attend? Are tickets necessary?
28. A general lack of communication builds up and then effects all and doesn’t show the school in good light which is the view of parent voice and myself (Mrs O’Connor)

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