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Thursday 18th October 2018


A new format for parent voice this year. A table was set up during parent consultations to hear from you. The following items were raised;


  • Can children have a school packed lunch during school trips? – We used to have this in place until the summer term 2018 when Rec& Year 1 went on their trip. All packed lunches were ready but 28 were left un used as parents had sent in packed lunches when they shouldn’t have. Since then we have decided because of the wastage on that day that parents would need to provide their own
  • After school club – previously we did not have the numbers to make it viable. We don’t have staff to cover it so We are trying breakfast club this year and will consider after school club in the future.
  • Consistent staffing – sometimes teachers are on a course but adequate cover is provided.
  • Some Year 1 parents very happy with the excellent start their children have had. – Thank you!
  • Homework – some parents request this – the policy we now have for Home earning will remain in place. Children are expected to read, complete spellings and timestables. They complete a project and have their activity grid. Curriculum maps and termly curriculum information sheets are available on the website so you know what your child is covering. Each week on the class news there is a general summary of topics (or will be). We will be changing our website and this will incorporate a learning zone.
  • Children want to spend more time with their buddies – this doesn’t always help the younger children establish friendships so we don’t continue with it at lunch after the first few weeks. They do have opportunities throughout the year to catch up.
  • After school learning club – this can happen and can be arranged if children want to complete the activities set for home learning or home activities.
  • Children reading with an adult – all children should read with an adult in school weekly – some will be more frequent . Staff will address!
  • Houses of parliament trip – there will be some children invited to attend next term as an invite from our councillor
  • Could we be given pointers on what we should work on from Espresso – the class curriculum information states this terms learning , it is set in year groups and your child in year 5 should share their current topics.
  • Some year 5 parents very happy with TA and teacher – Thank You!
  • Piano classes – please add your name at the office and I will pass the list to Miss Gunn to consider if we have enough numbers – This will then be communicated in the newsletter



Any other issues communicated will be addressed separately as they are not parent voice issues.

Thank you!

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Praying The Rosary For Peace!

Aid To The Church In Need (ACN) is issuing an open invitation to children and families around the world to participate in an extraordinary event taking place on Thursday 18th October 2018: One Million Children Praying the Rosary…and at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we are pleased to accept this wonderful invitation.

What is this prayer campaign about and when was it started?

The idea for the campaign came about in 2005 in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. While a number of children were praying the rosary at a wayside shrine, several of the women in attendance strongly felt the presence of the Virgin Mary. They immediately thought of Saint Padre Pio’s promise: “When one million children pray the rosary, the world will change.” And that is exactly what this is all about: having faith in the power of children’s prayers.

Why the 18th of October?

October is traditionally the month of the rosary; the 18th is the feast day of Saint Luke the Evangelist. He has handed on to us the story of Jesus’s childhood and, according to tradition, is said to have been close to Our Lady, the Mother of God.

How many children are taking part?

Materials for the prayer campaign are available in 25 languages, including, for example, Arabic and the West African Hausa language. Children from around 80 countries and on all continents are taking part. It is truly a campaign of the World Church!

Children and the rosary: this is not an easy connection to make for the Churches in the West. How do we get young people excited about these prayers?

It is actually the other way around: children are far more open to the rosary than a lot of adults. When the rosary is prayed correctly and under proper guidance, it reveals a view of the Virgin Mary, one that grows more intimate the longer you pray the rosary. And getting this intimate view of Our Lady is something that we can learn from the children!

So, tomorrow our Chaplaincy Team will lead the rest of the school in this wonderful initiative as we pray the rosary for peace together.

If your child has a set of rosary beads at home, please let them bring them to school tomorrow so that they can join in as fully as possible.

Remember, you to can share in the power of praying the rosary with your children at home using the materials provided by Ten Ten which are available by clicking the link below.

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Weekly Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view this week’s newsletter.


Have a lovely weekend.

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Black History Celebration Day

Today, as part of our Black History Week , we have been joined by a wide variety of parents who have shared various aspects of their culture with the boys and girls throughout the school…including lots of delicious food!

As well as numerous parents joining us and sharing their knowledge (and food!) we were also privileged to welcome Councillor Patsy Spears this afternoon who shared her experiences of the Windrush generation with the children.

Many thanks to all of those parents and Patsy who helped to make our Black History Celebration Day extra special…we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Buddy Assembly 2!

It was a case of ‘deja-vu’ this morning in the School Hall as we celebrated our second Buddy Assembly to ‘officially’ welcome our new Reception children.

But of course, it wasn’t simply a ‘repeat’ of last week’s Buddy Assembly as we heard all about the new Reception children from their Year 6 buddies who have clearly got to know them very well during the last few weeks.

Many thanks to all of the adults involved in preparing the children so well for what are always two ‘highlights’ in the school year; also, a special thank you to our Year 6 buddies who do such a marvellous job in helping the Reception children settle into school so well and make the best possible start to their journey at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

Thank you to all of those parents who attended these special celebrations during the last two weeks…your presence made them even more special!


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Year 5’s Planetarium Trip Was Out Of This World!

On Monday, the boys and girls in Year 5 enjoyed a very exciting trip to the Greenwich Observatory where they were treated to a splendid tour of the universe (and beyond!) in London’s only planetarium.

Following this, the boys and girls toured the various exhibits before having their photograph taken astride the Greenwich Meridian!

After a short ‘play’ it was back onto the DLR to head home…which simply added to the fun!

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Ten Ten Resources For October – The Rosary

As part of our subscription to Ten Ten Resources to support the Catholic Life of our school, they have provided a wonderful resource for parents to use during the month of October to help develop their children’s understanding of the Rosary.

Simply click on the link below and use the password: ROSARY

You can also view this month’s Ten Ten Parent’s Newsletter by clicking on the link below.

Life To The Full Newsletter (October 2018)

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POSTPONED – Home Learning/Marking Parent Workshop

Apologies for the short notice, but this evening’s Home Learning/Marking Parent Workshop has been postponed until after half term.

Hopefully, having attended Parent Consultations and seen evidence of our new approach to providing feedback to the children, you will have a clearer understanding of this approach and the see the benefits that it brings in terms of your child’s progress.

This workshop will now take place at 6:30pm on Wednesday 7th November 2018.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Weekly Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view this week’s newsletter


Have a lovely weekend.

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Buddy Assembly…Part One!

We have just enjoyed one of the highlights of the school year this morning with the first ‘Buddy Assembly’ as we ‘officially’ welcome our new Reception children to St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School…well…half of them at least!

During the last few weeks, the Year 6 buddies have done a wonderful job helping their Reception buddies to settle into ‘Big School’ and the close bond that has been formed between the buddies was clearly evident in this morning’s assembly.

Many thanks to the boys and girls in Year 6 for helping our Reception children to settle into St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School so quickly…you have all done a marvellous job, boys and girls!

Thank you to all of the staff involved in preparing the Buddy Assembly…it was truly memorable.

Next week we look forward to officially welcoming the rest of our Reception children in our second Buddy Assembly. 

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