Week Three Whizzes!!

Once again, another week literally flies by in the blink of an eye!!

Some of the main highlights of the week have been:

  • A special ‘Wheelpower’ assembly on Monday from Chris Rattenbury introducing a fundraising event on Tuesday 11th October to support various wheelchair sports…please start filling in those sponsor forms!!

  • A visit from Mr Celano, the Head Teacher of St. Mary’s Catholic School on Tuesday.

  • Sainsbury’s Road Safety Visit for Year 6 on Wednesday.

  • A Motivational Talk for Year 5 and Year 6 by Pete Maiden (CHEXS) on Thursday.

  • Year 1’s Prayer Service on Thursday.

And of course…there has been lots more to celebrate throughout the school on a daily basis, including some wonderful ‘communal displays’ that all the classes have created for the corridors.

Also this week, the area next to the PTA shed has been cleared to make more playground space for Key Stage 2. This involved the removal of two trees  and their roots which were threatening to cause considerable damage to the playground and the adjacent area.

And the icing on the cake…the school received a cheque for £4 000 from the PTA at the AGM on Wednesday night. This money will be used to provide additional books for the library and termly topic boxes/support through the Essex Library Services along with additional playground equipment/games for our boys and girls to enjoy!!

Thank you so much to our marvellous PTA!!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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Arrival At School

It has come to our attention that some children are being dropped off at school before 8:40am and are left unsupervised, including some of the younger children.

Whilst the school gates open at 8:30am, children are the responsibility of their parents/whoever brings them to school until 8:40am when Soft Start commences and children are allowed into class. Under no circumstances should younger children (Reception – Year 3) who have to walk around to the Infant playground to get to their classrooms be left unsupervised before 8:40am.

Also, some children are being put at considerable risk at the Trinity Lane entrance through being ‘dropped off’ in the road. Please ensure that you park in a safe place (even if it does mean a short walk) and escort your child(ren) onto the school premises safely.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

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A Message From Mr Celano at St. Mary’s Catholic School

Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure meeting with pupils and parents at St Joseph’s on Tuesday of this week, and I hope the visit was helpful in conveying a small insight into what St. Mary’s offers.

Please can I reinforce that the extra places we hope to have for September 2017 would mean that we should be able to place all first choice Catholic applicants (including those without a certificate of Catholic practice), as well as non-Catholic applicants.

Finally, I am delighted to inform you that this year we will be offering tours and visits to the school so that you can see us in operation.  This is a great way to see the school in action and if you would like a tour, please contact my PA on headspa@stmarys.net

I look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 28th September  at our Open Evening,

Mr Celano

Click on the link below for more information.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Open Evening

If you require further information, please contact the School Office.

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Harvest Food Donations

Our box is very empty and we only have a week to go.

If you are able to donate any food items (tins/packets/boxes) then we,and of course the Broxbourne Foodbank, would be very grateful.

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A reminder that both school gates are open from 8.40am. Obviously Nursery gate is open from 8.30am but the side gate only from 8.40am.

Your child is your responsibility until that time. No children should be left at either gate unattended, especially of an infant age.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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This morning, those of you who dropped off your children at the Trinity Lane entrance will have noticed that we are ‘having some work done’!!

The two trees at the far end of the playground are being removed since their roots are causing considerable damage to the surrounding area making it a health and safety issue.

Once the trees’ roots have been removed, the area will subsequently be tarmaced to extend the Junior playground and provide an additional ‘safe’ space for the children to play in.

Many thanks to all of the workers concerned for their hard work in making our school grounds a safe place for our children to enjoy.

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Sainsbury’s Deliver!!

And is this case…it’s Road Safety advice that is being delivered!!

This morning, John, Tony and Gary from Sainsbury’s visited St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School to talk to the boys and girls in Year 6 all about Road Safety.

Following a highly informative presentation and very interesting video showing a lorry driver’s view of travelling along the local roads,  the boys and girls then had the opportunity to actually sit in the driver’s seat of the cab and gain an understanding of his view of the road and the surrounding area.

Many thanks to John, Tony and Gary for delivering this very important safety message in such an engaging fashion.

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Gardening Morning!!

Calling all gardeners…and all of those who do not yet realise that they are gardeners!!

On Sunday 16th October 2016, we will be holding a ‘Gardening Morning’ (9:00am – 12:00pm) to ‘tidy up’ the School Garden and Nature Walk before winter sets in.

Over the last couple of years, our ‘Gardening Committee’ has gradually dwindled due to families/staff leaving the school, so we are looking for some new recruits!!

No expertise is required…just lots of enthusiasm!! Wellies are optional!!

If you would like to help on this morning, please let the School Office know…your support will be greatly appreciated!!


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PTA AGM – A Reminder!

Just a reminder about the PTA Annual General Meeting – it will take place tomorrow,  Wednesday 21st September, at 7.30pm in the School Hall.

We hope as many people as possible will come to the meeting as we are always looking for new members and/or volunteers!

By joining in the activities of the PTA you can find out more about how the school works and get to know other parents and staff at the school.  You will also be enhancing the facilities, fundraising for extra resources and helping the pupils to receive a richer education.  There is also a definite possibility of having fun and making new friends at the same time.  Some members come regularly to meetings, others offer help at events. All help is gratefully received and very much appreciated!

If you would like to be one of these invaluable volunteers, or maybe become a member of our committee, please come along tomorrow evening. Alternatively, you can contact us by either leaving your name at the School Office or by sending us an email at pta@stjosephs351.herts.sch.uk .

We look forward to seeing you!


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Year 6 Parents Reminder

Parents of Year 6 children received a letter from Mr Celano, Head Teacher of St. Mary’s Catholic School, outlining various achievements and proposals for the future of St. Mary’s.

This afternoon, Mr Celano is visiting St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School to talk to the boys and girls in Year 6.

Following this, Mr Celano will be available on the Junior playground if parents have any questions that they might want to ask…or just to say hello!!


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